What if all goes against you in life? Or if you’re not getting the opportunities you were hoping for? Or if seems like you’re not able to chase your dreams anymore because of sudden changes? Or what if you just don’t know it anymore? That’s right:

“You take one on the chin, and stay on the path”!

Stay on the path, people! That’s exactly the reason why the Slamstox Community made a huge difference in 2021. For many student-athletes, 2021 was not an easy year. Tournaments and matches were cancelled, we were not allowed to practice, sports clubs were forced to close, and the moments you trained so hard for aren’t happening. However, you have one goal. The goal to be the best in your sport. The goal to improve every single day. The goal to get back on that stage next year. The goal to earn a scholarship in the US. So, you stay on the path, and make it happen.

The Slamstox Community stayed on the path in 2021. And it’s something we’re incredibly proud of. Words can’t describe the amount of effort, grit, and dedication our student-athletes have put into their careers, and the results speak for themselves. Check out a selection of our highlights in 2021:

  • In 2021 we have welcomed nearly 300 new student-athletes in our community.
  • The Slamstox Community now consists of more than 600 student-athletes, with 16 different nationalities and active in 48 different states across the US.
  • Our student-athletes have managed to secure $20 million in scholarships this year.
  • Last summer we made an incredible road trip through the Netherlands, to surprise several of our athletes. You gotta see the aftermovie!
  • Thanks to our partners and many enthusiastic student-athletes, we managed to host several really cool events, including the Slamstox Track & Field Meet, the Slamstox Soccer Event and the Slamstox Field Hockey Showcase.
  • Our swimmer Nyls Korstanje at NC State University is the first Slamstox Student-Athlete who made it to the Olympics (Tokyo 2021).
  • Distance runners Amina Maatoug and Emmy van den Berg represented the Netherlands during the European XC Championships in 2021.
  • More than 15 Slamstox student-athletes won a Dutch national championship this year in tennis, golf, swimming and track & field.
  • The Slamstox community was represented in the Dutch U21 field hockey and soccer teams.
  • Multiple student-athletes found their dream jobs through the Slamstox After College program.
  • Five (!) Slamstox field hockey players became All-American this year.
  • Our student-athletes have won many conference championships, and this year alone over 35 Slamstox athletes participated in the NCAA national championships.
  • We expanded our office in SX Eindhoven with a very cool America map.
  • This year, our team welcomed 5 new colleagues, all with their own special skillset, to help our student-athletes even better.
  • And much, much, much more!

We’re extremely proud of what our student-athletes managed to accomplish this year. Our colleagues in the Slamstox offices have shown that they are capable of a lot of things. We remain extremely passionate about building our community, and about helping our student-athletes chase their dreams.

For 2022 we have planned many new and cool things. Keep working hard, believe in yourself and make sure to keep an eye on the Slamstox Community. In other words:


Team Slamstox would like to thank everyone who has made an impact on the Slamstox Community in 2021. You guys rock! Let’s get after a successful and healthy new year.

See you in 2022.