College Field Hockey: it is getting more popular in the USA! And we understand why… In this article we tell you about the benefits of College Field Hockey and why this could be for you!


It probably won’t be a surprise anymore… But American University do not mind spending some money on college sports. They do everything in their power to keep athletes happy. Often, teams are fully sponsored and athletes get all stuff they need for hockey! Think of sticks, shoes, field hockey gear, clothing, clothing and even more clothing! You will never be short of training clothes in the USA and every day you will be on the field in a nice new outfit! The coaches think that recovery after training is very important. That is why there is a lot of attention from the medical staff for good muscle recovery, but also for injury prevention. Most of the time there is also attention paid to nutrition! Players have to travel a lot for the competitions. Most of the time teams go by bus and spend the night in hotels, but if the distance is too long, they fly to their competitions. There are even Field hockey teams with their own airplane! WHUT?!

The system

Universities in the USA work with scholarships. You can get a scholarship for your athletic achievements as well as for your academic qualities. This means that the school (to a large extent) covers the costs! Universities find it important that athletes can practice their sport as optimally as possible. Schools take your sport into account, but also find it important that you study well. That is why the universities make it possible to combine sports and study!

Sports culture

Almost all Americans live for sports. Students are big fans of ‘their’ University teams and often come and cheer during matches. When a university is playing against their biggest enemy, the stadiums are sometimes so fully seated that not even everyone fits in! College students look up to student-athletes. As a Field hockey player you will therefore receive a lot of positive attention and respect from classmates and other students!


One big family

When you play field hockey in the USA, you join the field hockey team of the university. The team contains girls who come from countries all over the world and want to have this experience just like you. The teams are often quite large, so you suddenly have 22 sisters! You spend a lot of time with each other, both on and off the field. This often creates close friendships! It’s a big step to leave to the USA on your own to make your dream come true, but once you’re there you often don’t want to go back!

Check out the video below with the to-30 Field Hockey moments in the Big Ten Conference of 2018! And mostly pay attention on the beginning… Our Slamstox Field-hockeyplayer Anthe Nijziel scores like crazy!

Are you as enthusiastic about College Field Hockey as we are? And would you like to know about your possibilities, or would you like some extra information? Reach out!