America is known as the land of opportunities, and you’ll experience that firsthand as a student-athlete in college. But besides all the fun things you experience during school and your sport, there’s also so much to do with friends and teammates during the quieter moments of your sports activities. Curious to know what? We’ve compiled the most enjoyable to-do list for you!

  1. Trips America is a fantastic country to travel in! Many teammates have their own cars and love to take you to their hometown. How exciting to see where they come from? With a bit of luck, you might even find someone willing to explore one of the many beautiful places the country has to offer. Often, the mountains, the beach, or a big city are not far from you. New York City, here you come!
  1. Shopping Shopping in America can easily be called next level! From large fancy malls to trendy boutiques, it’s a shopaholic’s paradise. If you want the full American experience, a visit to Walmart and Target is an absolute must!
  1. Thanksgiving When talking about the American Experience, Thanksgiving must certainly not be left out. Originally, Thanksgiving commemorates the Pilgrim Fathers being helped to survive during their first year in America by the Native American population. Now, it has become a moment in November for families to come together and enjoy a feast, including the famous turkey. You are often invited by teammates to celebrate it with their families. It’s super hospitable, and you can hardly get a better glimpse into American life.
  1. Spring Break In February/March, it’s time for Spring Break! Almost all universities in America give their students a week off from school. For many of our student-athletes, it’s a perfect opportunity to explore Florida, the Bahamas, Mexico, or other exotic destinations.
  1. Sports Games One of the most enjoyable things you can do on campus is attending (other) sports games. As a student-athlete, you quickly become friends with other student-athletes, and everyone supports each other at their respective games. So, on a Friday evening, you might find yourself cheering on a basketball or women’s soccer game with your teammates. In return, they will also come to watch your games. Additionally, there are often professional baseball, basketball, or American football teams active in your area.
  1. Parties Parties definitely should not be missing from this list! Because American college students are absolutely not shy of having a good time. Parties are often held at other students’ homes since you can only go to bars and clubs when you’re 21 years old. Going to someone’s home also allows many student-athletes to come together, and games are played. Of course, if you prefer not to go to a party, that’s perfectly fine too!

Feeling excited about the list above and eager to experience all these things for yourself? This is your chance! For almost every athlete, there are opportunities, and we speak from experience when we say: this is a true once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, what are you waiting for? Start living your dream!