College Baseball is super popular in America and can be found at almost every university! There is a bigger difference in the facilities between the top teams and the lesser teams though. However, there are some very cool stadiums to be found in our top 15, with also some notable top facilities where you might not expect them.

In this article, read all about the top 15 coolest, most beautiful or most special facilities. So read on quickly!

15. Clark-LeClair Stadium, East Carolina

Clark-LeClair Stadium – Greenveel NC

Greenville is home to East Carolina University and they have managed to put up a very beautiful and formidable stadium. With room for over 3,000 Pirates and another is 2,000 in the Williams Jungle surrounding the field. The Pirates are certainly not doing a bad job and forced a record of 20 to 4 in the last season! So they made it to the 2022 East Coast semifinals and narrowly lost to the Texas Longhorns in the Super Regionals.

Our intern Alec spent a semester studying at ECU last year and got to experience this fantastic season. He told us that the ECU fans really know how to create an atmosphere, for example when they played and won against their big rival NC State everyone went mental! When ECU scored a point a real pirate cannon went off and all the fans went crazy. In short, a very special stadium with a great atmosphere.

14. Miller Park, BYU

Miller Park – Provo Utah

In the picture you can clearly see why this is such a special stadium, the view is really cool. The special thing about this stadium is that both the baseball and softball teams can play their games here. This allows both teams to use the same top-notch facilities. The Cougers are still waiting for their first World Series title but they always play for their regional title.

13. Dedeaux Field, USC Trojans

Dedeaux FieldLos Angeles California

The Trojans don’t necessarily have a very fat stadium with only 2,500 seats. But the very training facilities are very unique. For example, through this video you can watch their old school facilities.

12. Gross Stadium at Coleman Field, Oregon State University

Gross Stadium – Cornvalis

This top university has several excellent sports teams with great facilities and also managed to build a beautiful stadium for baseball. A fun fact, this stadium is the oldest College Baseball stadium in the country, as they started playing there back in 1907. Over the last 15 years, the Beavers have been very successful, winning the NCAA Divisions I tournament three times. That certainly must have been a spectacle for the fans in this cozy stadium. Where you can sit really close to the field.

11. PK Park, University of Oregon

PK Park – Eugene

The Ducks are known for their very good facility and track and field team but not necessarily for their baseball team. And that is heavily unjustified since they have a very nice stadium with room for 5,000 fans with a training facility that costed almost 20 million dollars! Those cool baseball facilities you can check here.

10. Alex Box Stadium, LSU Tigers

Alec Box Stadium – Baton Rouge Louisiana

LSU Baseball has a very formidable stadium with just over 10,000 seats for Tiger fans. Its facilities are in and under the stadium! The Tigers are very successful in their baseball conference but did not yet win the College World series, in 2017 they were very close and became the runner up.

9. O’Brate Stadium, Oklahoma State

O’Brian Stadium – Stillwater Oklahoma

Oklahoma has excellent facilities for all their student-athletes. And for Baseball, they have also put up a nice stadium and facilities with room for 3,500 fans. But their training facilities are especially special; for example, their baseball complex costed a whopping 60 million dollars to build.

8. Blue Bell Park, Texas A&M

Blue Bell Park – College Station Texas

This beautiful stadium opened 2012 and is home to one of the best college baseball teams in the country. And it’s pretty big, of course it’s still Texas…. In fact, the stadium can hold more than 6,000 fans. Like ECU, it is the fans that make this stadium special. If you come here as an opponent, they know it’s going to be tough with the loud fans of the Aggies.

7. Boshamer Stadium, North Carolina

Boshamer Stadium – Chapel Hill NC

Home of the Diomond (Tar) Heels and opened its stadium back in 1960. It is absolutely top notch and has room for as many as 5,000 fans! Boshamer Stadium therefore regularly hosts the (Super) Regionals, which are the preliminaries to the NCAA championship. For example, in 2022 North Carolina again came very far in the tournament but lost to Arkansas in the Super Regionals. Don’t worry their first title is really coming, as they competed in the College World series almost every year in the past 10 years.

6. Founders Park, South Carolina

Founders Park – Columbia SC

After the announcement that South Carolina was going to build this stadium, the team suddenly became very successful in 2010,2011 and 2012 as well. They made it to the College World Series three years in a row and their winning streak was broken by Arizona in 2012. This modern stadium has room for more than 8,000 Gamecocks!

5. Eck Stadium, Wichita State

Eck Stadium – Wichita Kansas

The Wichita State Baseball program owes its stadium primarily to coach Gene Stephenson’s success in the 1980s. After this, the stadium has grown into a family and fan friendly place with a good baseball program. The stadium has room for nearly 8,000 fans and costsed a combined $8 million dollars to build. In relative to equal facilities, this isn’t even close to the costs other universities make for their facilities.

4. Condron Family Ballpark at Alfred A. McKethan Field, Florida Gators

Condron Family Ballpark – Gainsville Florida

The Gators new baseball complex opened in 2021 at a cost of 60 million dollar! The stadium is magnificent with amazing facilities in and under the stadium, which you can check out in this video. The stadium has room for 7,000 fans, and they can add additional bleachers which would then allow for a capacity of 10,000 fans.

3. Baum–Walker Stadium at George Cole Field, Arkansas Razorbacks

Baum-Walker Stadium – Fayetteville Arkansas

The Arkansas Razorbacks have very cool facilities and stadium which together cost more than 25 million dollars! Despite this, the baseball team has yet to win the College World series. In their stadium almost 12,000 fans can shout them to victory, they therefore compete in the final tournament almost every year and have finished as 2nd in the World Series twice. The Last time was in 2018.

2. Swayze Field, Ole Miss Rebels

Swayze Field – Oxford Mississippi

The Ole Miss Rebels Baseball have finally won the College World Series in 2022! They have been competing at the top for years and were very close in 2014. It really cool to play for the baseball team of the University of Mississippi. Especially since the Ole Miss sports teams always have great facilities, and that certainly applies to the facilities for the baseball team. Check out the tour of their facilities here. Their stadium is also something to write home about with a capacity of nearly 12,000 fans it is one of the largest stadiums in College Baseball.

1. TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, Creighton

TD Ameritrade Park – Omaha Nebraska

Opened in 2011, this stadium became the new Mecca of College Baseball. As such, the Bluejays will be super happy to call this their home turf but it is used for multiple events. For example, it was the site of the College World Series in 2019 and the Super Regionals are always held here. This tremendous stadium has room for as many as 24,000 fans!

These were another 15 extraordinary baseball facilities from American universities. Each with a special story or with tremendous facilities next to or in their stadium. So you can clearly see what different budgets a university has to spare for their student-athlete facilities. And they certainly aren’t bad!

More and more Dutch baseball players are going to America as student-athletes to combine their studies with sports. There are many more universities where baseball is played at all levels with good facilities. Would you like to know more about these universities, College Baseball or go to America as a student-athlete yourself? Reach out! Then together we will look at your options and which universities are best for you.