‘Big Money Chasers’, what Americans sometimes are named. And we don’t think that is surprising, because the USA has a way bigger economy than that of our little country. The USA is the country where the sky is the limit. Do you want to earn a lot of money? This often works faster and easier in the USA than in the Netherlands. It will therefore not surprise you that the sports teams at Universities in the USA make (much) more money than the average sports team in the Netherlands. In this article, we’ll tell you more about the massive cash flow that is going on within college sports teams!

American Football: America’s Most Watched College Sport. It is also the most popular professional sport in the USA, followed by baseball, basketball and ice hockey. It was therefore no surprise to us that the 5 teams with the most income within College Sports are all American Football teams!

American business magazine ‘Forbes‘ released a report at the end of 2019 that lists the 25 most valuable American Football College Teams, in total these teams generate an average annual profit of $ 1.5 billion and a turnover of $ 2.7 billion. An impressive list, shall we say! But how does a college team make so much money?

According to Forbes, this depends on 3 major cash flows: the massive broadcasts on television, the hordes of fans paying for tickets, food, drinks and merchandise, and the support of wealthy and generous donors (often university alumni). In this article we have listed the 5 richest sports teams. Are you ready?! Don’t think so …

5th: Ohio State Buckeyes

Average Revenue for the Last 3 Years: $ 132 Million
Average Profit for the Last 3 Years: $ 75 Million
Conference: Big Ten

The Ohio State Buckeyes… Good for $132 million revenue per year! Where mascot Brutus Buckeye might look cute, the Buckeyes team consists of mega-strong student athletes! Since its existence, this American Football College team has won 40 conference titles as well as 8 national titles.

The Buckeyes’ stadium, the ‘Ohio Stadium’, can seat 102,780 spectators! WHUT?! Yes really. The fans of the university team dress in red ensure that the team is optimally encouraged.

Watch the video below with a ‘Game Day Experience’ of the Ohio State Buckeyes. It seems like a combination of a football match and a festival, doesn’t everyone want to experience that?!

4th: Alabama Crimson Tide

Average Revenue for the Last 3 Years: $ 134 Million
Average Profit for the Last 3 Years: $ 61 Million
Conference: South Eastern Conference

The Crimson Tride have 31 conference titles to their name. So far the squad has not won a national title, but they have been in the final 4 times. 
In any case, losing the finals won’t be because of the stadium! The Crimson tride is cheered on during home games at the Bryant-Danny stadium by about 100,000 spectators who give everything for their team in red and white!

The entrance of the team during home games is fe-no-me-nal. You can see it in the video below. The LED lighting and music throughout the stadium provide two minutes of goosebumps. Experience it yourself below!

3th: Michigan Wolverines

Average Revenue for the Last 3 Years: $ 139 Million
Average Profit for the Last 3 Years: $ 83 Million
Conference: Big 10 Conference

The Wolverines of Michigan, a team of heroes! This team accounts for an average revenue of $139 million per year. At every match their home base is completely colored blue and yellow by the fans. They do everything they can to encourage the Wolverines during competitions. The stadium, seen in the photo below, is called Michigan Stadium. In contrast to many other large stadiums, it is completely round, which is partly why there is room for 107,601 spectators!

The Wolverines are have set 42 conference titles and 11 national titles on their name. ‘The Victors’, is the popular Fight Song that has been used since 1899, is characteristic for the team. The chorus goes as follows:

Hail! to the victors valiant
Hail! to the conqu’ring heroes
Hail! Hail! to Michigan,
   the leaders and best
Hail! to the victors valiant
Hail! to the conqu’ring heroes
Hail! Hail! to Michigan
   the champions of the West.

The awesome video below gives an impression of the Michigan Wolverines Football Team!

2nd: The Texas Longhorns

Average Revenue for the Last 3 Years: $ 147 million
Average Profit for the Last 3 Years: $ 92 million
Conference: Big 12 Conference

The Longhorns! These super athletes are now entitled to 4 national titles and 32 conference titles. The stadium for the Longhorns’ home games, Darell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium, is shown in the image below. No fewer than 100,119 spectators can enjoy the matches at the same time. This makes it the 5th largest stadium in the NCAA.

Experiencing a game of the Texas Longhorns, something everyone would want to experience! The Longhorns understand that, which is why they made a video showing the ‘Game Day Experience’. Check it out below!

1st: The Texas A&M Aggies

Average Revenue for the Last 3 Years: $ 147 million
Average Profit for the Last 3 Years: $ 94 million
Conference: South East Conference

The Texas A&M ‘Aggies’! Well, only one can be best of course. The immense stadium of Texas A&M is shown below. Can you imagine sitting at the very top of the stadium? We estimate the chance that you will see Mexico is greater than that you will actually get something from the game. Fortunately, the live images can also be seen on large screens around the field, and every sports fan wants to experience that amazing atmosphere during the matches!

The Aggies are entitled to three national titles and 20 conference titles. The stadium above is called the ‘Kyle Field’, it seats 102,733 spectators! Holy moly….

The die-hard fans of The Aggies don’t underestimate their importance during the game: that’s why they call themselves ‘the 12th man’. With sometimes up to 100,000 spectators at a time, they turn ‘Kyle Field’ upside down to optimally encourage the 11 athletes on the field. They do this together with ‘The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band ‘, this is the official fanfare of the university consisting of 400 boys and girls. This group works very professionally: they practice up to 40 hours a week, on top of their academic program! All this to put on the best possible show for the sports team. The result is super special, watch it in the video below!

Ready for a bit of action from The Aggies themselves? Check out the highlights of the past 10 years below!

5 special universities with very special sports teams. You would almost forget that these are students and universities in stead of professional athletes and sports clubs. The American Dream baby!

However, the life as student athlete is often the best preparation for a professional career as an athlete. For example, in this article you can read how many college golfers later turned professional.

Do you want to become a student-athlete as well? Reach out!