Something that is very different in America than in the Netherlands, are the facilities that universities offer for their hockey teams. You will see gigantic gyms, huge stands at the most beautiful fields and buses with the name and logo of the school on them to drive to competitions. Every school, across all divisions, has a range of fantastic facilities on offer. We have listed a few that are definitely worth checking out. Curious? Read on quickly.

5. Phyllis Ocker Field – University of Michigan

The first University is immediately one that will make you fall in love with the facilities of American universities. We are talking about the University of Michigan. After the Fall 2013 season they completely renovated the complex. Next to the astro turf, reconstructed in 2017, there is a stadium where 1500 supporters can watch the match! On this field, the Phyllis Ocker Field, there is even a scoreboard on which they can replay the goals, how cool is that? A game with the Wolverines can sometimes feel like an international game like at the World Cup. It is therefore not surprising that their field has been officially approved by the International Field Hockey Federation! Watching the games at the Phyllis Ocker Field is a fantastic experience, because there is even a special fan plaza!

In addition to their fantastic field, the Wolverines, as the student-athletes of this university are also called, have their own team support building. This building has great facilities: there is a locker room for the players and the coaches, extra training facilities with hydrotherapy pools, coaches’ offices, meeting spaces, press box and even a broadcasting booth! How cool is that?

4. East Stroudsburg University

How cool would it be to drive to the game in your own bus that is completely covered with the name and the logo of your school? That is exactly what the East Stroudsburg University Field Hockey team experiences every single away game. Super cool! The busses have been introduced in 2021 and are showing everyone on the highways that ESU is on their way!

Next to that the Warriors play on the Whitenight Field that can allow 1000 fans to come and watch! In the middle of the field, but also next to the field, the logo is shown often. Next to this you can find the NCAA logo and the PSAC (the conference in which the team plays) on the field as well. Of course a new and modern locker room is provided with this field. This locker room has been opened in 2019 and has a nice place for every single player to put their stick and the rest of their hockey gear after games and practices. And… as you probably have guessed already, in the middle of the locker room you can find another big version of their logo! School spirit is a big thing at ESU! The team shares a lot just like a Hughe gym and a swimming pool in which they work hard to become the best versions of themselves!

3. Brandon & Erica M. Adock Field – Appalachian State University

Imagine you are on the field with your team and you are in the middle of the mountains? This is exactly what the Appalachian State University field hockey team and their visitors can say. The Brandon & Erica M. Adcock Field is arguably one of the most beautiful settings in America! As the name of the school suggests, it is located in the Appalachian Mountains.

Their new locker room was opened in 2018. The beautiful field and the locker room were welcomed to the university in a beautiful way: with a true ribbon ceremony. You may wonder why opening a field and a locker room is so special now? Field hockey was introduced 50 years ago as the first women’s sport! That is something to be proud of. We all know that it doesn’t always stay dry in the mountains. Snow is beautiful, but can sometimes disrupt hockey plans. However, the girls are used to a bit of snow. No worries, they can continue training indoors in the large gym or a covered field. Watch the video below to see what it’s like to play in the middle of the mountains!

2. Deeds Field-Piper Stadium – Dension University

Denison is a cool Division III school with great facilities. The Deeds Field-Piper Stadium is nicely located with a running track around it. The stadium originally dates from 1922 (!) but was completely renovated in 2006, including a new field. There are special seats for the supporters of the home team and visitors team! In addition, of course everyone wants to experience a real night game in America and that is possible because the field has good lighting! The facilities are of a very good standard and that is a good thing as the school has invested 3 million dollars in the renovations!

In addition, the 8,000 square-foot Crown Fitness Center gives the hockey team the chance to be super strong on the field. With not one, but two floors, the fitness center has enough equipment and weights for the entire team and the rest of the school! The girls can also jump into one of the pools to cool off after training.

1. University of Pennsylvania

Imagine you are ready to run onto the field and in the distance you can see the skyline of Philadelphia… This is exactly the situation for the Field Hockey team at The University of Pennsylvania. The beautiful field hockey complex of this university is in a super location and has fantastic facilities. The field and the surrounding complex were renovated in 2013, along with the soccer and track and field complex. Collectively also called the ‘main trio’ and part of the well-known ‘River Fields.’

Off the field, the girls from the University of Pennsylvania can often be found at the George A Weiss Pavilion. This building is fully equipped for the sports teams to train. The 18,000 square feet complex is filled with not only gym equipment and weights, but there are also track courses and even study areas for all student-athletes to use. Everything a university team needs to succeed on and off the field. 

Five unique, special field hockey accommodations at American universities. With great facilities, special stories and the opportunity for players to play hockey and study at a high level in an inspiring environment. But in addition to these universities, there are of course other schools that offer college field hockey and have special and good facilities.

Do you also want to become a student athlete? Reach out! Then we will look together at your options and which university is best for you. suits you best.