What is your UTR?!

Slamstox partners with Amjoy Tennis to optimally prepare tennis players for college tennis and professional tennis. On Sunday November 10th, starting at 12.30pm we will organize a UTR matchplay tournament for players aged 14 and up with interest in college tennis. UTR (Universal Tennis Ratings) matches are a great tool to work on your “College Tennis Profile” and to get noticed by college coaches in the US. Are you interested in learning more about the UTR system? Check out his article. During our UTR Series we will work with the matchplay format. This means that everybody can sign up and you will be competing based on your current UTR rating. If you do not have a UTR rating yet, your placement in the matches will depend on your recent results and other rankings.

In addition to the tennis matches we will be hosting presentations, tips & tricks, do’s & don’ts, and will be sharing many other insights about college tennis. Our English teacher Inge will be on site for intakes and workshops for the TOEFL anD IELTS tests.

For all details, activities, and signing up, click here:


To sign up you will have to create a MyUTR account if you don’t have on already. Search for your profile and follow the steps on the MyUTR website! Questions? Feel free to contact us!