Early pratices starting at 5am, swimming hundreds meters every week and doing everything to get the best out of yourself and the team. Swimmers, divers and synchronized swimmers, like other student-athletes, train extremely hard. But as a student-athlete, there is something in return: the beautiful and professional facilities. Work hard, play hard. That’s what makes swimming in the USA so cool!

In this article we show you 10 beautiful college swimming facilities. Check it out!

10. Trumbull Aquatics Center – Denison University

Denison University’s Trumbull Aquatic Center was built in 2012. Construction cost the university $20 million dollars, but it was worth every dollar! The facility has a track of 50 meters long and 25 meters wide and stands for 750 spectators. There is also a professional scoreboard and sound system.

In 2014, the Trumbull Center hosted the NCAC Conference Championships and the NCAA Divison III Diving Championships. Below you find a photo of the pool at Denison University, you can also view more photos via this link.

Trumbull Aquatics Center – Denison University
9. Denunzio Aquatic – Princeton University

The Denunzio sports pool that is part of Princeton University has been around for a while: since 1990. Despite being over 30 years old, it has a modern design and modern technology. Not only the pool is large, but the stands are also huge: there is room for 1,700 people!

Several events have already been organized in and around the pool. One of the highlights was in 1999 when the Ivy League championships were organized. In the photo below you can spot a photo of the sports pool. And via this link you will find more photos of the sports facilities at Princeton University.

Denunzio Aquatic – Princeton University

Did you know that Slamstox athlete Julia Jongejeugd will be part of the Princeton Tigers from next school year?! As a freshman she becomes part of the track & field team!

8. Willis R. Casey Aquatic Center – North Carolina State University

NC State is one of North Carolina’s largest universities with over 35,000 students. Such a large university has many student-athletes and great facilities, the aquatic center is one of them.

Willis R. Casey Aquatic Center – North Carolina State University

Want to read more about Nyls? He was previously featured on our blog page with this nice interview. His university has also been in one of our university spotlights!

Do you also want to swim and study at an American university?

7. Robert Kiphuth Memorial Exhibition Pool – Yale University

The Robert Kiphuth Memorial Exhibition Pool is part of Yale University. A new sports pool is currently being built at the university, until then this pool will be in use. It is a large facility with no less than 2187 seats!

The pool was built in 1932 and since its inception it has served as the venue for many major competitions including NCAA and AAU championships. But the first ‘double-dual meet’ was also organized here, involving Ivy League schools Yale, Harvard and Princeton. You can see a picture of the pool below!

Robert Kiphuth Memorial Exhibition Pool – Yale University

Do you see yourself swimming or diving here?! Great right!

6. Avery Aquatic Center – Stanford University

Stanford is the only one in this list to have an outdoor pool. That brings risks for canceled games in bad weather you would think, but the university is located in California which is also known as the Sunshine State!

The Avery Aquatic Center looks awesome, with seating for over 2,500 fans per game! The bath is 37 meters long & 20 meters wide, so that’s huge! You can see it in the photo below.

5. Freeman Aquatic Center – University of Minnesota

Next facility can be found at the University of Minnesota and one of our swimmers is currently active there. We are talking about Indy Jongman, the former swimmer at PSV made the switch to Minnesota to swim and study. Indy chose not just any university, but one with an awesome swimming facility!

The university made a nice video about this a while back, which shows how beautiful the facility is. The pool opened in 1990 and features a pool that is 50 meters long. Optimal use has been made of the professional facilities at the university as no less than 9x the Big Ten Championships, 6x NCAA Championships and many other international tournaments have been organized. Check it out below!

4. Mccorkle Aquatic Pavilion – Ohio State University

Next up: Ohio State University! On the campus of this big university we find the McCorlke Aquatic Pavilion, an amazing facility for the swimming and diving teams. In recent years, dozens of different major tournaments and championship matches have been held.

It is therefore not surprising that this is one of the favorite locations for college swimming, given the large numbers of fans who can watch at the same time. The photo below only shows part of the facility, because there are several baths, springboards, water polo facilities and more. In short: it’s HUGE. Check the photo below for a part of the facility!

Mccorkle Aquatic Pavilion – Ohio State University
3. IU Natatorium – Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI)

In third place in this list is the IU Natatorium which can be found in Indianapolis. Another awesome facility that cost no less than $30 million to renovate! That renovation was necessary because in 2016 the Olympic Time Trials were held in Indianapolis.

The IU Natatorium is America’s largest indoor pool, seating 4,700 fans at a time! And fun fact: more than 100 swimming records have been set in this pool! Check out the video below on which you can see the facility.

2. Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center – University of Texas at Austin

Another awesome facility can be found at the University of Texas at Austin, it has different pools for all the different sports. The diving teams even have springboards of 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meters! Building this beautiful facility therefore required a significant investment, but luckily Joe Jamail was there.

Joe attended college and later became a billionaire, he is the 833rd richest person in the world! He made sure that the student-athletes at the University of Texas at Austin train in a super professional environment. Check it out below!

Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center – University of Texas at Austin
1. Herb McAuley Aquatic Center – Georgia Tech

Last but not least, the Georgia Tech facility. Another great place that breathes the sport. The pool is designed to achieve the fastest times during training and competitions, according to the university it is one of the fastest pools in America! The depth of the water, the wide tracks and the ‘water flow control’ system ensure that waves are minimized.

Up to 2,000 fans can sit along the pool to cheer on the student-athletes. But not only student-athletes have been active in this pool, it has also served as a location for the ‘Olympic time trials’. It’s crazy! Check it out below.

Herb McAuley Aquatic Center – Georgia Tech

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