Today it’s time for the fifth state in our series ‘What to do when in …’. We’re taking you to Michigan this month! In this series we show you the best sights and activities of one of the 50 states. As a student-athlete you of course spend a lot of time on sports and studying. But there is also plenty of time to explore the country.

First things first: where is the state of Michigan located? Check it out below on the Slamstox map.

USA Map – Slamstox office

So today we show you the highlights of the state of Michigan. The state has many beautiful nature reserves, true metropolises and many beautiful places that you must see.

Tahquamenon Falls State Park

This park is located at the eastern part of the state. Most of it consists undeveloped woodland. The river and waterfalls of the Tahquamenon are in the center of the park. The Tahquamenon Falls are also one of the largest waterfalls in East America. Very impressive if you ask us. In the rest of the park you will find many more waterfalls that you can view from land or even from the water. In addition, the park is also ideal for beautiful walks. A real must visit if you want to relax in America.

Tagquamenon Falls


Frankenmuth is known for its Bavarian-style architecture. A historical museum is located in the middle of the city, this museum sheds light on the German history of the city. In this typical German town in the middle of Michigan, there is always a cold beer ready for you. Moreover, there are plenty of activities to do in this village all year round. ”Little Bavaria”, as the village is also called, is therefore worth visiting all year round. But if you have the opportunity, a visit during the Christmas period is highly recommended. Visit Frankenmuth and immerse yourself in this magical world.

Frankenmuth – Michigan

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is located in Lake Huron, between several peninsulas. Mackinac Island State Parc covers most of the island. The park is largely forested, but the famous Arch Rock formation is also an important part of this park. This natural stone arch was created at the end of the Glaciation and is about 45 meters above the sea. You also have a beautiful view of the sea and all the greenery from the various vantage points in the park.

In addition to the large National Park, there are also countless beautiful, special and historic houses in typical American style on the island. As far as we are concerned, this island is really worth a visit.

Mackinac Island

Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale National Park is located on an island in the middle of a lake on the border between America and Canada. A fun fact: you can only reach the park by water. Once you are on the island, a rugged landscape is in front of you, where you can enjoy the nature for hours, if not days. There are also all different kinds of animals on the island, including moose and wolves. There are plenty of hiking trails on the island where you can explore the area. Prefer to view the area from the water? Rent a canoe or kayak, hours of fun are guaranteed.

Isle Royale National Park


Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and is best known for its link with the car industry, so it’s not for nothing that the city is nicknamed ”Motor City”. From 1950 onwards, due to automation in industry, the city continued to decline and vacancy increased rapidly. Nowadays, the city is growing again and is especially popular with the younger generation. In the video below you can take a look on a virtual tour through the city of Detroit and you can clearly see the link with the industry.

Fun fact: The well-known American rapper Eminem grew up in Detroit.

Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts is a museum located in downtown Detroit. The museum houses one of the largest and most important art collections in the United States. It is not surprising that the museum is considered by many to be one of the best in the country. The museum’s art collections come from all over the world. In addition to the impressive art, the museum is also known for the building itself, which is highly regarded by architects. The building is also part of the Cultural Center Historic District, Detroit. In our opinion, this museum is definitely worth a visit if you are in the city.

Detroit Institute of Arts

The Henry Ford

The Henry Ford is a historical museum complex located just outside of Detroit. The museum features some important historical items: John F. Kennedy’s limousine, Abraham Lincoln’s chair (both former US Presidents), Thomas Edison’s lab, the Rosa Parks bus, and much more. The museum attracts more than 1.7 million people annually, making it one of the largest museum complex in the United States. What makes the location extra special is that it has been a National Historic Monument since 1981. Visit The Henry Ford and go back in time.

Henry Ford Museum

Pictured rocks national lakeshore

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is located in the far north of the state of Michigan. It is known for its dramatic and multicolored cliffs along the water’s edge. Unusual sandstone formations define the headlands in this landscape of the park. It is recommended to explore this area by boat, this way you can also see the remains of various shipwrecks, which are scattered along the coastline around the 19th-century lighthouse of Au Sable Point.

Pictured rocks national lakeshore

Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium is the home of the American football team of the University of Michigan. With a current capacity of 107,601(!) spectators, the stadium is the largest stadium in America and the third largest stadium in the world. It is not surprising that this stadium is nicknamed ”The Big House”. Several European clubs have played here in the past, we understand why. What a huge stadium! In our opinion a real must visit if you are in Michigan or simply want to experience the real American (college) football feeling.

Michigan stadium

So plenty of fun things to see and do in Michigan. We understand why student-athletes want to go to Michigan. Do you want to become a student-athlete or would you like more information about sports and studying in America? Then contact with us!