Today in our series “What to do when in…” we are going to take a look at the state of Ohio! This state is located in the Midwest of America, including some famous cities like Cleveland and Columbus. Ohio offercs fun and things to do for everyone, the list ofcourse inludes some amazing national parks too. In short, plenty to do in Ohio! But first things first, where is Ohio located? Check our Slamstox map below.

Slamstox Map

Curious? Check out the best activities to do in Ohio below!

Hocking Hills State Park

In Southern Ohio, there is a fantastic park to enjoy some cool adventures. This park is known for its beautiful waterfall and challenging hiking trails. One of the advantages of Hocking Hills is that this park can be visited year-round, which means it always carries new charms. You can visit this park in a variety of ways, including putting it on your road trip list, staying overnight in one of the lodges complete in the woods or camping by yourself (we do recommend doing so when the temperatures are a bit warmer). Are you up for an adventure? Get ready for Hocking Hills!

Hocking Hills – State Park

Cleveland – Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Americans are a huge fan of Hall of Fame’s, so Cleveland is the home rock & roll! If you are in Cleveland, this is an experience you really can’t miss. In this huge Hall of Fame you can experience rock & roll in many different ways. For example, there are multiple studios where you can experience music and make music yourself, with even a small stadium to get totally into the rock! When you are in Cleveland you have to visit this experience, you will definitely spend some hours here!

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland

Cleveland – West Side Market

This magnificent hall in Cleveland opened back in 1912, and is filled with all kinds of small markets. Definitely a must visit if you are in the mood for some goodies! There are all sorts of things to find, including a variety of local meals that you can grab for lunch or just to snack! Furthermore, the building itself is a sight to put on your list. In short, don’t forget to stop by West Side Market when in Cleveland.

West Side Market – Ohio

Cleveland – Guardians Ballpark

If you are in Cleveland, it is super cool to attend a baseball game of the Guardians (former Indians). At Progressive Field Stadium, beside the great atmosphere, you also have a stunning view on the city during the game. The Guardians, of course, play in the MLB, the highest level in America, in their early years they won the World Series twice. Cleveland’s baseball team is best known for their controversial logo, of the red Indian, and (former) name, both of which were changed at the beginning of this season. We recommend you to take at least a look at this cool stadium. But are you more into basketball? Then stop by the Cleveland Browns where Lebron James played a few years ago. 

Progressive Field Stadium – Cleveland

Columbus – Franklin Park and Botanical Gardens

We believe it is important for our student-athletes to take their rest after competitions and be able to take some rests between training sessions. A beautiful place to do this in Columbus is the Botanical Gardens, a wonderful place to walk around and relax. The rest of Franklin Park is also worth a visit, with both indoor and outdoor gardens where you can also enjoy great food and attend workshops or visit one of the monthly events. This is the number one spot to visit in Columbus! So don’t forget to put it on your list!

Franklin Park – Columbus

Columbus – Ohio State University

Ohio State university has one of the best football teams of America and has wonderful facilities for all of their student-athletes! When are you in Columbus be sure to visit this university, its sports facilities and of course watch a game of the Ohio State Buckeyes! This top football team has 8 NCAA titles on their name and are shouted to victory at home games by over 100,000 fans! A must visit when you are in Ohio.

Ohio StadiumColumbus

Cincinnati – Zoo & Botanical Gardens

Cincinnati is the home to what many people say is the best zoo in America! Moreover, it is also the second oldest zoo in America, founded in 1873. They are known for the number of endangered animals for which they have special conservation programs, such as for gorillas and white tigers. Furthermore, they also specialize in unique gardens with fields full of plants and flowers where nature can take its course.

Cinncenati Zoo

Cincinnati – Great American Ball Park

For all baseball fans and other sports enthusiasts, Cincinnati has something special: America’s oldest baseball club is located here! The Cincinnati Reds have had a new stadium for several years now, and it is breathtaking to say at least! A hyper-modern stadium with still that old baseball feeling. They managed to bring back several elements of the old stadium. Check it out in the video below!


This special little island in Lake Erie is a wonderful summer destination to relax. On this island stands the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial honoring the battle of Lake Erie. Therefore, you can see all kinds of different things about the American Civil War, on this island. There are also a number of vacation parks to relax, and you can moor in a beautiful harbor. You can book a sailing trip there to discover the lake. Just make sure not to go in the winter because then the island is not accessible!

Put-in-Bay – Ohio

Amish Country – Ohio

Have you added Amish Country to your road trip yet? In the South of Cleveland you will find something that can only be found in America. Perhaps you’ve heard of them, the Amish are a reclusive and close-knit community who still live by the traditions of the late eighteenth century. They go around by horse and cart and have no television, computer, or cell phone. Some communities are eager to tell you more about their way of life and take you through some of their special activities and culture. Ready for an adventure?

Amish Country – Ohio

So, Ohio has plenty to do and many different experience! There are some great sports teams and wonderful universities. There are also many more parks to relax and in the big cities there is enough to do for everyone.

Would you also like to become a student-athlete or learn more about your opportunities such as studying at Ohio State? Please feel free to contact us for more information about sport and study in America!