College basketball – fun facts

Basketball in the United States - 9 November 2022

Did you know that…

  • It is mandatory for an American basketball players to play 1 year of college basketball before turning pro?
  • The rule above is named the ”one and done” rule?
  • Anthony Davis, one of the best college basketball players ever now plays for the Lakers with LeBron James?
  • Michael Jordan, the most successful player ever, has played for the University of North Carolina?
  • Slamstox team member Brian Riesmeijer Played for EMCC, also known from the Netflix series “Last Chance U”?
  • Every year, the NCAA tournament champions are invited to the White House for a diner with the president of America?
  • The most college basketball stadiums have more than 20.000 seats for fans?
  • College basketbal is the most widely broadcasted sport in America? An average college basketball game is usually broadcasted live on as many as eight TV stations!
  • Many college basketball players who don’t reach the NBA, become pro in Europe and other countries?

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