How long can you be a student-athlete?

General - 9 November 2022

You have 4 years of eligibility, meaning you have 4 years to play as a student-athlete and play games for a university. You can spread these out over a period of 5 years after graduating high school, and when you have started college. Are you in the Netherlands and already started a bachelor’s program. Then you can also transfer to America as a transfer student. This means that you can take your credits from the current school year with you to your American university. After completing your bachelor’s degree, it is also possible to directly start a master’s program in America. As a transfer student, it is important to keep your remaining eligibility in mind. Slamstox can help you visualize your remaining eligibility (eligibility to play) and apply to the American sports divisions. Not sure if you meet the requirements? Then feel free to contact us!

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