What does college sports mean?

General - 16 November 2022

College sports, the combination between sports and studies in America. You study at a university and at the same time compete for one of their sports teams. Student-athletes earn a degree while also being on the sports fields almost every day. 

In America, almost all universities have sports teams that compete against each other in both regional and national leagues. This way you can improve yourself in both athletic and academic areas in the best possible way, a good balance between sports and studies. In most cases, there are scholarships available for student-athletes so, in exchange for their sport prestations, have to pay less for their tuition.

In America, all schools are called “universities” or “colleges. This does not mean that for admission you must also be able to handle a university level in the Netherlands. For more information, see the FAQ ‘Which academic level is recuired?’

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