What’s my diploma worth in the Netherlands?

Studies in the United States - 16 November 2022

In America, there is no distinction between HBO and WO, and so there can be large academic level differences from one university to another. Some universities are listed as WO in the Netherlands, and others are listed as HBO. In most cases, athletes with an American bachelor’s degree can go directly on to a Dutch or American master’s degree. 

Sometimes it happens that our student-athletes have to do a pre-master’s of six months or a year, before they can start a university master’s in the Netherlands (just like a Dutch HBO student).

In advance, it is very important for us to know what your academic ambitions are, so that we can find a university that best suits your (academic) ambitions.

In terms of job opportunities, student-athletes with U.S. bachelor’s degrees often have an edge! To learn more about your job opportunities, or how we can help you find a job, check this page.

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