What are divisions in America?

Athletics associations and levels - 14 December 2022

University sports competition in America are divided into different divisions, belonging to different sports leagues.

Most universities fall under the NCAA, NAIA or the NJCAA. These are the best known and most active sports associations. Each sports federation oversees leagues with different divisions. It is not that one league is better at sports than another league. This varies by university and there is a lot of overlap between the unions and divisions in terms of sport and study level.

As an example, in the NCAA you have three different divisions, Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3, where Division 1 is the highest and Division 3 is the lowest.

The sports league and division you end up in depends on your athletic level, your results in school and whether the coaches would like to have you on the team. Slamstox can give a good indication of what is achievable and realistic for you.

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