What does eligibility mean?

Athletics associations and levels - 14 December 2022

As a student-athlete, you usually have 4 years of eligibility. This means that you can receive an athletic scholarship and compete for a university team for 4 years. Before you receive eligibility, you have to sign up with the Eligibility center in your division. They will check multiple requirements and have to “qualify” you before you are able to compete for your university.

It is necessary to be eligible to play; only then can you sign a contract with a university and play games. The requirements vary by sports league and division. For example, in some leagues you are not allowed to earn money from your sport or been part of a professional club, in others you may. Sports leagues also look at your academic background and the grades you earned in school.

It is important to know what your status is and make sure everything is in order. This is one of the first steps in the process and Slamstox helps you gather all the information.

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