What is the NCAA?

Athletics associations and levels - 14 December 2022

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is the governing sports association in the United States that organizes all regional and national leagues and championships. In addition, this organization manages the three largest and most well-known university sports leagues (NCAA Division I, II & III).

Universities in NCAA Division I and NCAA Division II award athletic scholarships and academic scholarships to student-athletes who can strengthen their teams. In NCAA Division III, only academic scholarships are issued and not athletic scholarships.

It is not that the teams in Division I are necessarily better than the teams in Division II or Division III. There is a lot of overlap in the various divisions. This is because schools as a whole are assigned to a division, often based on school size, American football/basketball leagues and other financial reasons. Because of this, there can be large level differences between individual sports.

Before you can play sports and study in America, your playing eligibility or ‘eligibility’ needs to be determined by the NCAA in America. Only if you meet all the requirements can you compete in one of the divisions as a student-athlete. Slamstox will assist you in this process and can apply for this eligibility to play for you.

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