What is After College?

How does Slamstox help me? - 26 October 2022

After you finished your education in the USA, the possibilities are limitless. You possess skills and experiences which is extremely valuable for employees. As a student-athlete you develop an athlete mindset, perseverance, an international network and a performance drive. Those are qualities every company is searching for.

After College is a service Slamstox created for student-athletes who want to find a job in the Netherlands after studying in America. We work with Dutch companies that, like us, understand the value of student-athletes so you can find your dream job! Good to know: Slamstox not only helps Slamstox student-athletes but also all other student-athletes returning from their college sports careers.

We help you to visualize your skillsets and make your CV and motivation letters perfect. Together, we will investigate where your strengths and passions lie and what the possibilities are based on your education. Based on this information, we will search for the perfect match for you and help you to contact a company that fits your needs!

A great example of a successful After College story is the story of former college tennis star Annamarie Sovic, former student-athlete at Mercer University. Annamarie did not leave for America with Slamstox’s help, but Slamstox recognizes the value of student-athletes and therefore helps every former student-athlete. Check out Annamarie’s story by this video!

Are you a student-athlete and curious about your job opportunities? Then take a look at this page.

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