What’s Slamstox role in this?

How does Slamstox help me? - 10 September 2020

Slamstox is a student-athlete company. We are (have been) student-athletes ourselves and work for student-athletes to make their dreams come true. We are involved in everything related to the recruiting process of student-athletes who want to play sports and study in America. We also help our student-athletes during their time in America to maximize their development and make the next step one after their studies in America.

Slamstox has a large network of American universities and sports coaches spread across all states of America. Thanks to this large network, Slamstox is able to find the perfect university for every player. Thus, Slamstox helps in getting the best scholarship and the entire process around it.  

The road to a scholarship in America is very extensive and sometimes complex, during a period of on average 1.5 to 2 years, you will have intensive contact with Slamstox, and of course the coaches and schools. 

Exactly what this process entails can be found on our website at the process.

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