What is an (academic) scholarship?

Costs and scholarships - 23 November 2022

An academic scholarship is a financial award given to students with good academic results and school performance, it lowers the overall cost of study. Not all students are eligible for academic scholarships. The university admissions committee determines who is eligible for this scholarship, as well as its amount.

Each university has different requirements, often looking at your high school grade point average (GPA) and the scores on different admission tests. Other academic activities such as internships sometimes count as well. Slamstox helps with translating your grades to U.S. standards, sending your grades to coaches and universities, and preparing for admission tests so you can receive the highest possible academic scholarship.

For American sports coaches, it is often very interesting if you are a good student and can secure an academic scholarship. This means that the coach can lower athletic scholarship to make it financially attractive for you to come to this university. Read more about how the amount of the athletic scholarships is determined and awarded.

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