What is an athletic scholarship?

Costs and scholarships - 10 September 2020

An athletic scholarship is a financial reward that can be offered to student-athletes, based on their athletic level. It will decrease your total costs for studying in the US. American universities have multiple sports teams, all with their own coaching staff. Every coach receives a scholarship budget from the university that he/she can divide over the athletes in a team. The head coach is usually the final decision maker when it comes to awarding athletic scholarship money.

The amounts of scholarship can vary per university, and even per team. Your amount (or percentage) of scholarship depends on your level, remaining budget and how interested a coach is to have you on his/her team. There are many different divisions, universities and levels in the US, which provide many opportunities for athletic scholarships. Slamstox helps you with finding the right athletic scholarship. We believe that almost everybody can qualify for an athletic scholarship, as long as you work hard and are realistic about your expectations.

In addition to athletic scholarships, universities can offer academic scholarships.

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