What is an athletic scholarship?

Costs and scholarships - 7 December 2022

An athletic scholarship is a financial award given to students who are good at their sport, it lowers the overall cost of study. American universities have several sports teams, each with its own coaching staff. Each coach receives a sum of money from the university that they may divide among the team members. So the coaches determine whether you qualify for an athletic scholarship. 

The total amount of scholarships can be as high as 100 percent of the total cost, and in addition, in some cases it is even common for athletes to receive additional pocket money from the university as well. The American Athletic Association has established rules for the number of scholarships that can be spent per team, in order to keep competition between schools fair.

The exact amounts vary by university; even within a team, team members receive different amounts. It depends on how badly a coach wants the athlete on his team and how much money is left. It also depends on what the total cost is for each university. There are many different athletic levels at American universities and thus opportunity for many to secure an athletic scholarship. Slamstox will help find the right athletic scholarship for you and negotiate with coaches about how much.

In addition to athletic scholarships, there are also academic sholarships to be awarded. The amount of this scholarship is determined by the universities based on your school performance.

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