Graduated in the USA, what now?

Your graduated in the USA, what now? Slamstox can help you with that too! The questions surrounding this topic are answered here. Is your question not listed? Search for more questions or contact us!

What are my career opportunities after studying in the USA?

After you have completed four years as a student athlete, you have lots of possibilities! You can start a top sport career, do a master’s degree or focus on finding a job.

All over the world, student athletes are described and recognized as hard workers, team players and real goal-chasers! Student athletes are also known for their time management skills, just-do-it attitude, loyalty and their openness to criticism and feedback. Many top companies are therefore specifically looking for boys and girls who have combined sports and study at a university.

Are you ready to start working? Slamstox would like to help you kickstart your career. We do this with the Slamstox After College service, Open to all Slamstox student-athletes as well as non-Slamstox student-athletes. Want to know more about the Slamstox After College service? Check the page here!

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Will I become more interesting to companies if I studied in America?

Research has shown that students who have studied in America have developed better skills that employers consider important. In addition, as a student-athlete you develop a top sports mentality, perseverance, international network and performance orientation that companies are actively looking for.

Of course, when choosing a college, it is important to make the right considerations between athletic level, academic level, training directions, and more. Slamstox can help you make the right choice to optimize your chances of getting a good job even after college.

That is why Slamstox had a After College service in which Slamstox helps returning student-athletes find a suiting job. Interested in this serivice? Then quickly check this page and see what is possible for you!

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How can Slamstox help me get a job after my studies?

Slamstox has established a service for student-athletes who want to find a job in the Netherlands after their studies in America. Together with reputable Dutch companies, we map out what skills and qualifications a student-athlete possesses in order to match them with companies that suit you.

Thsi service is our Slamstox After College service in which we help returning student-athletes find a suiting job. The service is open to all Slamstox student-athletes but also to non Slamstox student-athletes! Just returned from America and don’t know what you want to do yet? Check out the possibilities with our After College service!

To do this, we work with companies in different fields. Are you interested in exploring your chances of getting a good job after your time as a student-athlete? Then feel free to contact us!

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What companies could I work for if I studied in America?

After studying in the US, your opportunities as a student-athlete are endless! Your backpack is full of qualities and experiences that will ensure that you can get into many companies.

Some student-athletes stay in America to do internships or work there. More and more student-athletes are also entering Dutch business market with top positions. Slamstox can help you with this, as we work with Dutch companies that understand the value of student-athletes, just as we do.

Slamstox can help you through our After College service. A service in which Slamstox helps returning student-athletes find suitable employment. This applies not only to Slamstox student-athletes, but also to non-Slamstox student-athletes.

In any case, we think you should go for the maximum achievable in your career: “Think Big!”

Would you like to know what your possibilities are after America? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities or look at this article and read the story about Slamtox and Welten!

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Is it possible to become a professional athlete after college sports?

That is certainly possible and common – in all sports. For Americans, the four years as a student-athlete can be seen as a stepping stone to the professional sports. A great example of this is Arianne Hartono, she played college tennis before her professional tennis career and is now competing at the top of tennis.

Because the competition and training schedules are so intensive, college is seen as part of the entire professional process. That’s why scouts from different clubs walk scout during matches and tournaments to select players.

Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us!

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