Field Hockey in the United States

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What is college field hockey in the America?

More than 300 American universities offer scholarships for ladies (college field hockey is not offered for men) who would like to combine studying with high level field hockey! You can then do a college education while playing field hockey for your university team. Often this is in combination with a scholarship and your education is (partly) paid for by the university! Playing field hockey at an American university is the perfect way to improve your field hockey game, become stronger both mentally and physically, build a network of international friends and get a high quality degree. In short: the start of your successful career!

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Want to know more about playing field hockey and studying in America? Feel free to contact us!

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How does college field fockey work?

College field hockey is slightly different from “regular” field hockey as we know it in the Netherlands, both in organization and in atmosphere! In America you don’t play for a club, but for your university. Each team consists of an average of 23 ladies who train together about every day. As a team you play in the competition against other universities. 

All teams try to qualify for the national tournament. A regular field hockey match consists of 4 times 15 minutes of playing time. The rules during college field hockey differ from Dutch hockey:

  • Matches cannot end in a draw, so matches always take place in the ‘overtime’
  • In the ‘overtime’ both teams have 7 players (with goalkeeper) on the field. The team that scores first wins.
  • In the event that neither team scores in the ‘overtime’, the game ends in penalties.

Another big difference is the atmosphere during games. Teammates and fans are generally very loud and will certainly make themselves heard. This is often expressed in encouraging lyrics and/or college songs. Also the facilities on American universities can not be compared to the Dutch field hockey facilities, they often gave field hockey fields with large stands where many fans come to watch your games! In short: there is a mega cool atmosphere!

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How do field hockey scholarships work?

Studying at an American university can cost up to $ 80,000 a year! This is of course not a realistic amount for the majority of students. Therefore, almost all universities with field hockey teams offer both athletic and academic scholarships. These grants will then cover (part of) your study costs.

Slamstox helps you find a suitable scholarship so that your college field hockey experience becomes affordable as well. Some Slamstox field hockey players receive a “full scholarships” that allows them to play sports and study at an American university for 4 years free of charge. Others receive a partial scholarships, these scholarships cover a part of the study costs. The amount of the scholarships is determined by several factors including your athletic level, your academic level and how many spots are left on the team.

Read here all about scholarships.

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What are the athletic requirements for a scholarship in America?

The college field hockey system is divided into multiple divisions, these are spread across 300 different schools! As a result, the field hockey level in America varies greatly: from amateur level to the national top. So there is a place for almost every field hockey player in America. We will look for the best place for you and make sure you can play at your level.

Slamstox has field hockey players from all different levels placed in Amerika. Unsure of your field hockey level meet the conditions?? Feel free to contact us and see what is possible!

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What are the academic requirements for a scholarship?

To play college field hockey you must have a high school diploma. Dutch students must have at least a HAVO, VWO or MBO diploma.

American universities offer a wide variety of programs suitable for different levels of education. So do you meet the conditions? Then we will find a suitable university for your level and interests!

Amarican universities - Slamstox

Not sure if you meet the conditions? Then reach out to us!

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Can I see something about other Slamstox field hockey players?

Slamstox has placed a lot of field field hockey players at American universities and are winning a lot!

Our Slamstox field hockey players include players from the major league such as Sophie Klautz and Sara Sinck, as well as more regional players such as Eva Kluskens and Brittany Lionarons. 

You can find our players at universities from California all the way to the Northeast. Check our placed athletes here and see the full list of the Slamstox field hockey players.

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What are my career opportunities after college field hockey in America?

After you have completed your training, many opportunities are guaranteed! Some field hockey players will have a professional sports career, others will look for a nice job that matches their field of interest. This can be in the USA, in the Netherlands or wherever!

Are you ready to start working? Slamstox would like to help you kickstart your career. We do this with the Slamstox After College service, which is available for all Slamstox student-athletes and non-Slamstox student-athletes. Do you want to know more about the Slamstox Aftre College service? Check the page here!

Curious about Slamstox student-athletes, and where they finished their college careers? Click here to check!

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College field hockey - fun facts!

Did you know that…

  • During the 2016 Olympics, the US Hockey Team consisted of 17 (!) College field hockey players?
  • Slamstox organizes field hockey clinics together with Mink van der Weerden?
  • field hockey, compared to other college sports, is not played in all the different states? It is particularly popular in California and the Northeast States of America!
  • Slamstox organizes a field field hockey showcase every year, at which American coaches come to the Netherlands to scout talented players?
  • A lot of professional field hockey players played college field field hockey at first. Check this article with the top 10.

Do you have questions about college field field hockey in America or would like to see more information? Check the field hockey page or feel free to fill out our let’s meet form.

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