Eva Vrancken

Eva Vrancken (2006) is a talented Dutch distance runner. She is interested in joining an ambitious college Track and Field team in the Fall of 2024.

Eva Vrancken

Eva Vrancken (2006) is a talented Dutch distance runner. She is interested in joining an ambitious college Track and Field team in the Fall of 2024.


About Eva Vrancken

Until the age of twelve, Eva was involved in competitive gymnastics. When she started High School, she made the switch to kickboxing. She trained four times a week and besides that she started running. Initially, she took up running to her condition for kickboxing, but over time, Eva developed a genuine passion for running. In the summer of 2021, she switched to focusing on running. She started training three times a week by RDRA and did two runs on her own every week.

In February 2022, she found out that she had an injury in her lower back and underwent surgery. Eva's recovery from surgery was a success, and she was able to resume running in September 2022 with no lingering back pain. However, her progress towards regaining her previous form was hindered by shin splints, which restricted her training hours. With her determination and drive, she ultimately succeeded, and things started to improve for her since a training camp in Spain (April 2023). Her training regimen continued to improve, and from June 2023, she increased her training frequency to six times a week, making remarkable progress in her running. We believe there is still much room for improvement, especially considering the significant progress she has made in such a short time.

Eva's current PBs are:

800m: 2:50,49 (2024)

1500m: 5:32,43 (2024)

3000m: 12:09.03 (2024)

Eva's major strength is her discipline. If something needs to be done, she will get it done and she will do anything to achieve her goal. She is also perfectionistic and will always try to give her best effort during training or competitions. It is also a point to improve on, because Eva never think that something is good enough and always thinks it can be better. Eva is a sociable person and always supportive to her teammates. Finaly, she has a lot of perseverance and don't give up quickly. 

Due to her setbacks, she has competed in very few matches.

In the USA, Eva would like to improve herself and to get the maximum out of her college career. Eva seeks to achieve fast running times and gain valuable experience in competitive running. Additionally, she wants to compete at her absolute best for her college team. Her ultimate dream is to participate in the Olympic Games.

She is currently enrolled in her final year of the highest level of high school in the Netherlands and is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2024. Eva is interested in doing a major in health science, biology or psychology. For more information about her academics, please check out the details section down below.

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Eva's details

  • Sport:  Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
  • Entry semester:  Fall 2024
  • Country:  Netherlands
  • GPA:  4.00
  • SAT:  1340
  • TOEFL:  N/A
  • Duolingo:  N/A

Eva's videos

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