Isabelle Aalders

Isabelle Aalders (2000) is a talented Dutch track and field athlete specialized in high jump. She is looking to join a strong college track and field team in the Fall of 2024.

Isabelle Aalders

Isabelle Aalders (2000) is a talented Dutch track and field athlete specialized in high jump. She is looking to join a strong college track and field team in the Fall of 2024.


About Isabelle Aalders

Isabelle embarked on her athletic journey at the age of 7 when she joined AV de Liemers in Zevenaar. Initially participating in various events, she developed a particular interest in high jump, which led to an impressive second-place finish at the youth nationals when she was 15. This achievement granted her the opportunity to represent her country in the "c-interland" against Germany. As she continued her training at Papendal, Isabelle decided to switch clubs and joined Ciko 66 in Arnhem, where she could further nurture her athletic abilities.

However, she encountered a setback in the form of shin splints, which adversely affected her performance and impeded her progress. In 2019, Isabelle relocated to Amsterdam for college, and during this period, her athletic career took a backseat as she sought to rediscover her passion and joy for the sport. Fortunately, she made a successful recovery from her injury and regained her enthusiasm for training, leading her to join a high jump group at her new club, AV1923. From that point onward, she experienced significant improvements in speed, strength, coordination, and overall enjoyment, resulting in remarkable progress in her performance this year. Clearing a height of 1.75m in high jump has provided her with immense motivation to strive for even greater heights. Notable achievements include a 5th place finish at the indoor Nationals and victory at the National indoor Championships for students in 2023.

Isabelle's greatest qualities lie in her unwavering commitment and perseverance. Additionally, her positive mindset and cheerful nature not only make her an excellent teammate and a pleasant person to be around but also contribute to her success in her athletic career. As being an athlete requires focus and determination, the key to sustaining progress lies in enjoying the journey. Currently, Isabelle is working on improving her recovery methods, diligently seeking to strike the perfect balance between training and rest in order to unlock her full potential in high jump.

Her current personal best in high jump stands at 1.75m

While currently holding the 6th national ranking with this achievement, Isabelle's ultimate goal is to surpass her own height, aiming to clear 1.82m (5'11"). In the USA, she also seeks an unforgettable journey that will allow her to develop both athletically and personally. 

Isabelle has obtained her bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and is currently pursuing studies in Physical Therapy. Starting in the fall of 2024, she plans to pursue several minors in the USA. Isabelle's academic interests lie in areas related to Sports and Health, such as physical therapy, human body studies, kinesiology, and nutrition. However, she is also fascinated by biology and ocean studies. For more detailed information about her academic pursuits, please refer to the details section below.

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Isabelle's details

  • Sport:  Women's Track & Field / Cross Country
  • Entry semester:  Fall 2024
  • Country:  Netherlands
  • GPA:  N/A
  • SAT:  N/A
  • TOEFL:  N/A
  • Duolingo:  N/A

Isabelle's videos

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