Torsten Meijer

Torsten Meijer (2006) is a talented Dutch distance and XC runner and he is interested in joining a strong college Track & Field team in the Fall of 2025.

Torsten Meijer

Torsten Meijer (2006) is a talented Dutch distance and XC runner and he is interested in joining a strong college Track & Field team in the Fall of 2025.


About Torsten Meijer

Torsten's interest in running began at the age of 12 when he joined his local club team, Olympus 70. He initially explored various events, including jumps, throws, and sprints. This diverse training provided a solid foundation for his overall physical development and helped him become a well-rounded athlete. However, even from a young age, Torsten's natural talent and passion for running were evident. At the age of 15, he decided to focus on mid-distance running and cross country, demonstrating significant improvements in these disciplines.

Torsten's outstanding performance in the 2023 outdoor track season firmly established him as a rising star in the Dutch running community. At the National Championships U18, he became double Dutch Champion, winning both the 1500m and 3000m events. His dominance extended beyond the National Championships, as he secured the second-place national ranking in these events for his age group. Additionally, Torsten also placed 3rd U18 at XC Nationals during the 22-23 cross season. 

Torsten's success is rooted in his unwavering discipline. He is a dedicated athlete who consistently pushes himself to the limits to achieve his peak performance. This commitment extends beyond the track, as he displays the same level of dedication in his academic pursuits. Enrolled in the highest academic level in the Netherlands (VWO), Torsten excels in the classroom too. An area of improvement is his top speed and Torsten is actively working on enhancing his maximum speed through sprint training.

His current PBs:

800m: 1:58.86 (2022)

1500m: 3:59.00 (2023)

3000m: 8:45.97 (2023)

With his sights set on the United States, Torsten set ambitious goals. He aims to perform at his best for his collegiate track and field team and to improve his personal records across the board. Ultimately, Torsten seeks general development, striving for excellence not only in athletics but also in academics and personal growth.

Currently enrolled in the highest level of high school in the Netherlands (VWO), Torsten is on track to graduate in the Summer of 2025. While his academic interests remain undecided, his academic achievements demonstrate his intellectual potential and ability to excel in many study areas. For more information about his academics, please check out the details section below. 

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Torsten's details

  • Sport:  Men's Track & Field / Cross Country
  • Entry semester:  Fall 2025
  • Country:  Netherlands
  • GPA:  3.95
  • SAT:  N/A
  • TOEFL:  N/A
  • Duolingo:  N/A

Torsten's videos

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