In 2015 Aurelia Meijer leaves the small Dutch country to make the big trip across the Atlantic Ocean. There she plays hockey as a student athlete for one of the largest universities in America: The Pennsylvania State University! Penn State University has more than 45,000 students who all live in the college village of College Park. A special community: everywhere you look you see students in ‘Penn State shirts & sweaters’.

The university is one of the best division 1 colleges in America and therefore participate in the most famous conference: The Big 10! Aurelia is now in her last semester, after which she will return to the Netherlands to work in marketing. She describes her 4-year experience as follows: “surrounded by like-minded, performance-oriented student-athletes from all over the world inspired me to reach my athletic and academic potential”.

Aurelia’s hockey team has had many successes: they came first in the Big 10 Conference and were among America’s best 8 teams! But she was not only successful on the hockey pitch: during the summer vacation in her fourth year, she managed to do a marketing internship at one of Nike’s headquarters in Portland. You go girl!

Watch Aurelia’s video to get to know the Penn State Campus a bit better, as she takes us to the athletic and academic facilities as well as showing us her favorite place in College Park. 

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