In 2015, Aurelia Meijer left behind the tiny country of the Netherlands to make the trip across the Atlantic Ocean and become a field-hockey student-athlete at one of the biggest colleges in the United States: The Pennsylvania State University. Penn State University has more than 45,000 students who all live in the student town College Park, Pennsylvania. Everywhere you look you see students, all in Penn State t-shirts and sweaters.

The University is one of the best Division 1 colleges in America, competing in the most famous conference, the Big 10 Conference. Aurelia, now in her last semester before returning to the Netherlands to pursue a career in marketing, describes her four-year experience as one in which she was “surrounded by like-minded, performance-oriented student-athletes from all over the world that inspired her to reach her academic and athletic potential.”

“Not only was I able to improve my field hockey skills, but living in a culture to the one I grew up in for 18 years also taught me how to interact with people from all backgrounds – my friends are from all over the world.”

Aurelia’s field hockey team knows what success tastes like: they won the Big 10 Conference and were ranked among the best eight teams in the country. However, she was not only successful on the field. During the summer before her fourth year, Aurelia managed to get a top-notch internship at Nike’s headquarters in Portland, Oregon, where she worked in the marketing department.

Watch this video to get a tour around the Penn State campus. Aurelia takes you around the impressive athletic facilities, the academic buildings, and she also shows you her favorite spots in College Park. Do you, just like Aurelia, want to play your sport and study at one of the best universities in America? Slamstox can help you make that dream become a reality.