Slamstox tennis player Roos van Reek is one of 20,000 students at the University of Nevada! But she’s not just any college student: she’s a college athlete. Together with her Dutch ‘roomie’ Josien Wijkhuijs, swimmer for the Nevada Wolfpack, she will show you what the beautiful campus in Reno looks like!

Before Roos left the Netherlands, she was one of the best Dutch female tennis player. Number 3 in the Dutch ranking! To get the most out of herself, both in school and on the tennis court, she made the big step to become a student athlete in America. In less than two months, we helped Roos get a scholarship with Reno’s competitive tennis team. Roos is now in her second year.

Do you want to know what it’s like to live, play tennis (or swim) and study as a student athlete? Then watch the video of Roos and Josien!

And do you want to become a student athlete in America, just like Roos? Reach out!