In this article, we’ll tell you more about student-athlete Anaya Brons. Additionally, at the bottom of this article, you’ll find the video where Anaya shares more about herself.

Sports: Women’s Tennis

Entry semester: Fall 2024 

Anaya lives in Zeist with her parents and sisters. She started playing tennis and hockey at the age of 5 because her parents thought it was good to do both. In the past, Anaya trained a lot with her father, who was her tennis coach. At the age of 12, Anaya quit playing hockey and fully focused on tennis.

What sets Anaya apart from the rest is that she is always cheerful, independent, and has her own opinions. She listens well to others but is not easily influenced. Anaya is a true team player and will always be there for her teammates.

In America, Anaya hopes to play many matches with her team. She looks forward to having a great time and getting to know the American culture better.

“I want to improve my tennis and to grow as much as person”
Anaya Brons

If you’d like to see more of Anaya, please watch the video where she introduces herself.