In this article, we are going to tell you more about our student-athlete Charlotte Berger, down below you can read about her and also find a video where she introduces herself. At the end of the article, you will find Charlotte’s recruiting video and her player profile on the Slamstox website.

Sports: Field Hockey
Entry semester: Fall 2022

The 18 year old Charlotte lives with her family in Doorn, a city located pretty central in the Netherlands. She has got 2 older sisters and one twin sister which all study at Dutch universities. Charlotte comes from a true field hockey family. Her sisters are all field hockey players and her dad and grandma even managed to play in the highest Dutch division! Her grandma even became national champion, a true field hockey example on which Charlotte looks up to.

Ever since Charlotte is 6 years old, she is a part of HC Doorn. She enjoys playing field hockey and wants to spend most of her time focussing on field hockey, even in her spare time. Hard work pays off, because Charlotte was always selected for the highest field hockey teams at the club. At this moment, she is defender and captain of the first U18 team. She stands out because of her speed and because of her good technical skills. Even before she receives the ball, she knows where to pass it to. This brings a lot of speed in her matches.

Charlotte is a true team player, the team results count for her. She will do everything during matches and practices to keep the team performing, a very useful and important quality as a student-athlete. Her current coach really appreciates her calmness, overview and straight passing. Her friends describe her as someone who they can trust, someone with a positive mindset and a lot of enthusiasm. She has got her own opinion but is always open to one of someone else. She is passionated and when she has goals she is really determined to achieve them.

Charlotte strives to become a successful, wide educated and open minded person. She thinks it’s important to leave a positive influence on society but also on the people around her. This year, Charlotte will graduate from the highest Dutch high school level. She aspires to study psychology.

“I want to show that getting the best out of both my academic and athletic career can go hand in hand”

Charlotte Berger

Want to see more about Charlotte? She tells you more about herself in the video below.

Check out Charlotte her recruiting video through this link and check out her Slamstox player profile over here!