In this article, we are going to tell you more about our student-athlete Micky Woodrow, down below you can read about him and also find a video where he introduces himself. At the end of the article, you will find Micky’s recruiting video and his player profile on the Slamstox website.

Sports: Men’s Soccer
Entry semester: Fall 2022

The 18 year old Micky lives in Udenhout where he has been playing for soccer club SVSSS his whole life. At this moment, Micky plays for the first U19 team but also for the senior team as well. He also made his debut at the first U23 team recently. Micky plays soccer since the age of 4, that’s when his love for soccer has been developed. He knew soccer was his sport at a very young age and he was always playing with a ball whenever there was one around. During his youth, Micky has gone through all youth teams at his club and in his spare time, he was always playing soccer at the local soccer cages.

Micky’s soccer idol is Neymar, he enjoys seeing him play. Micky’s play style can be compared to Frenkie de Jong because they have a very similar style of playing. Micky is a soccer player which can pass a player really easy and is really strong in his attack.

Micky really knows himself as a person, he is a very positive guy and is really focussed on the well being of other people around him. That’s what makes Micky a real team player but also a connector between people. He has worked really hard to become the person he is right now and has had several setbacks. Not many things in life has been given to Micky, but that’s what created his winners mentality of which he is very proud!

“At the university, but also at the soccer team I will give everything I’ve got, get the most out of every situation, be a connector between people and bring a lot of positive energy.”

Micky Woodrow

Micky is searching for a university, coach and team that fits his athletic and academic level. He is ready to develop himself as a person, student and athlete. Are you curious about Micky? Check out the video below where he will introduce himself!

Check Micky’s recruiting video through this link and check out Micky’s player profile on the Slamstox website over here!