In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Hugo Rijkenhuizen, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Hugo tells a bit more about himself.

Sports: Baseball
Entry semester: Fall 2023

19-year-old Hugo is from Apeldoorn but first lived in Paris for seven years. At the age of five, Hugo started playing judo and baseball. Until the age of twelve he combined both sports but after that he went fully into baseball. He has been playing baseball for twelve years now and is currently playing for the Neptune’s.

Communicating is Hugo’s strength, which allows him to make connections easily. During the time he lived in France, he made many new friends and now that he has returned to the Netherlands, it comes easy for him as well. Outside of sports and work, he likes to meet up with friends.

Hugo is a fast athlete who can hit well for his batting average, he is a leader and never gives up. Last season he had a batting average of .429 and 11 stolen bases. This resulted in his team finishing third in the standings.

Getting the team in tow is what Hugo wants to contribute to his new team. He also believes it is important to get good grades and when others need help in school Hugo will be there for them.

I am a leader, and I will never give up

Hugo Rijkenhuizen

Would you like to see more about Hugo? Then watch the video below where he introduces himself.