In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Kiet van der Velden. Our volleyball player is looking for the fall of 2024.

Sports: Volleyball

Entry semester: Fall 2024

Kiet van der Velden is 18 years old and hails from Breda. When Kiet was young, he started playing field hockey. However, this wasn’t the perfect fit for him, and at the age of eleven, he decided to quit. His sister was already playing volleyball at that time, so Kiet decided to give it a try as well. Currently, Kiet plays for De Burcht in Breda, and he also trains as a beach volleyball player in Werkendam.

In his everyday life, Kiet is an open, social person who is always highly driven. He dislikes prejudices and gets very enthusiastic about meeting new people. On the field, Kiet is an all-rounder with multiple strengths. Furthermore, he is a true team player who, through his own hard work, always manages to motivate his teammates to go for every point.

In America, Kiet aims to become a motivated team player who fights for every ball and every point. He wants to be there for his teammates and be a person they can all rely on.

‘’By using my drive, I want to show my teammates what it looks like to play in a team.’’

Kiet van der Velden

Would you like to see more of Kiet? Watch the video below in which he introduces himself.