In this article, we tell you more about student-athlete Maurits Brouwer, in addition, at the bottom of this article you’ll find the video in which Maurits tells a bit more about himself.

Sports: Men’s Soccer
Entry semester: Fall 2023

18-year-old Maurits Brouwer was born in Leeuwarden has one brother and has just graduated from the highest level high school, next year, he will continue his academic career and study business administration in Groningen. He has been playing soccer since he was 4 years old and started at LAK Frysia because his older brother also played there. He was immediately sold and his skills were immediately recognized, currently he has been playing for the club Blauw-Wit for 4 years.

Maurice is an intelligent and sharp guy with a good sense of humor. In addition, he is an honest and reliable soccer player you can always rely on. On the field he is super dynamic, has a good kick and technique. He can always pass his opponent well and is always super fanatic. Coaching his teammates is very important to him, because his goal in every game is to score points.

Our soccer player finds it super important to complete his schooling well during his time in the USA while playing soccer at a high level. In doing so, he is very eager to meet his upcoming team and feels it is important to make lasting memories with his teammates.

”An example of that is that I am always engaged a lot with my teammates, I always try to help them and go to victory together.”

Maurits Brouwer

Would you like to see more about Maurice? Then check out the video below where he introduces himself.