National champion at the Dutch junior 800m championships in 2016, qualifying for the EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival) and now her American Dream in North Carolina: we are talking about our Slamstox-athlete Famke Heinst!

The 21-year-old athlete from Spijk has been running as a ‘panther’ for High Point University since 2017. Her success starts in 2017 when she is awarded ‘Big South Champion’ on the mile and 3000m events. In 2018 she was named ‘Big South Runner of the Year’ and broke the school record on the 5000 meters. In 2019 Famke receives the title for ‘Big South Most Outstanding Track Performer of the Year’!

We know that Americans like to give away titles and awards, but the list that Famke has to her name is pretty darn impressive! This Junior Panther still has some time to go at her university, and wants to achieve the most out of her track & field career after college. Her motivation and perseverance brought her to where she is today: she has the right ingredients to become a successful athlete. Go Famke!

“High Point University promises students an ‘extraordinary experience’ and they absolutely keep that promise! It’s all one big adventure and a very special experience, where I will be proud of for the rest of my life!”

Famke Heinst – Slamstox Athlete

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The campus of High Point University (HPU)

High Point University is located in High Point, in North Carolina. The city itself has only 100,000 inhabitants, which makes HPU an important part of High Point! Around the city you will find many beautiful natural parks, such as the Appalachian Mountains: a nice off-campus trip for the Panthers!

Several other beautiful cities and places can be found around the university. Raleigh and Charlotte are 1.5 hours away. A visit to Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean will take a bit longer, both are about 4 hours from High Point. But only 4 hours …? Piece of cake, if you’d ask the average American!

Not only the environment, but also the campus itself is beautiful! HPU has been a Private University since 1924 and is known for guiding students intensively. HPU’s motto is ‘Nothing without divine guidance’. While being at the campus you almost get the feeling that you are in the Efteling: the water, the perfectly maintained gardens and the special school building make it fairytale-like! It is therefore not a punishment that students are obliged to live on campus until the ‘senior status’ is reached.

Want to see more of HPU? Check out the campus map and the virtual tour!


The HPU Panthers have played in NCAA Division 1 since 1999 and are part of the Big South Conference. With the exception of the lacrosse team, as they play in the Southern Conference. The Panthers consist of 16 sports teams that represent the school. In recent years, the Panthers have won 9 Big South Conference titles.

The largest arenas on campus are ‘The Millis Center’ (basketball and volleyball), ‘Vert Stadium’ (track and field, soccer and lacrosse) and ‘Williard Stadium’ (baseball). During the games, the stands turn purple and white. Mascotte Prawler the Panther obviously represents!

Vert Stadium is home to the track & field teams. Two Panthers trained in this stadium later made it to the Olympics: Taylor Milne from Canada and Tamas Kovacs from Hungary. Both came out for their country during different Olympic years. Which Panther will follow? Famke Heinst from the Netherlands, if you ask us!

Did you know that another Slamstox-athlete will join Famke’s team this year in 2020? Track & Field talent Terra Muntjewerff is leaving for High Point this year to get the best out of herself as a Panther! To be continued…


HPU’s facilities are pretty impressive. The combination of sports and studies, that’s what College Sports is all about. That is why the High Point Panthers are also working hard on the academic field.

The school offers a huge number of courses: from theatre to biology. Are you curious whether or not your studies or majors are offered at HPU? Check it here!

HPU is a smaller private university that wants to guide every student as personally as possible, which is why a lot is possible in the offered academic programs. Following semesters in other places in the world, extra cultural courses or just that little bit more of a challenge: High Point thinks along with you.

Do you, like Famke, want to become a student athlete at HPU and transform into a panther? Or do you just want more information? Reach out to us!

Last but not least: Famke did a Q&A with us earlier this year, in which she tells a lot more about her time in America! Check out the Q&A with Famke!