Noortje Breedijk has been active in Ohio for some time now, and Mirte Kortman will start her carreer as a student-athlete in Ohio from next school year. And we understand those choices, because Miami University is a beautiful university in a great place! Time to put that university in the spotlight again. But first, something about Noortje and Mirte…

Noortje obtained her diploma in the Netherlands at the Novalis College and played hockey at Oranje-Rood. In 2018, she started her adventure as a student-athlete at Miami University and became part of the ‘Miami Redhawks’. Last year she stayed in Antwerp during a gap year due to Covid. In America, Noortje has been performing very well from the start, she plays many matches and won several titles such as ‘MAC All-Tournament Team’ and ‘Academic All-MAC’. The team also achieved many successes, as can be seen in the photo below from 2019!

Noortje Breedijk – Field Hockey Team

Mirte has been in track & field for several years now and started playing big and important tournaments at the age of 15, since then she has made enormous progress. She specializes in mid and long distances and participated in the National Championships for Juniors and Seniors last year. Mirte has not only worked hard on the track, but also in school. She graduated cum laude, a great achievement! Starting next year, Mirte will combine her studies with her sport at Miami University. Go champ!

Mirte Kortman – Student-athlete

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Contrary to what the name suggests, the Miami University campus is not in Miami, but in Ohio.’Miami’ comes from the ‘Miami Indians’ who used to stay in Ohio. The campus looks great in a green environment with buildings in a beautiful style. The campus has even been named one of the most beautiful campuses in America. You can see part of the campus below!

Miami University – Campus

As in every spotlight, we zoom in on the athletic facilities, the place where most student-athletes can be found on a daily basis and where the universities are often most proud of. A lot of money is invested in making it as pleasant as possible for the student-athletes. Below you can see some of Miami University’s athletic facilities!

Yager Stadium is the stadium that you cannot miss when visiting Miami University, because it is huge! The American Football games are played here, and because those are popular games in America, there is simply enough space for fans since there is seating for 24,000 people! The stands are white and red and the sports atmosphere is magnificent, so that means goosebumps guaranteed! Check out the stadium below.

Yager Stadium – Miami University

Millett Hall is another impressive part of the campus, which is where the basketball and volleyball games are held. It is named after the 16th university president John D. Millett. In addition to sports competitions, other events are also organised. For example, 50 Cent, John Mayer and Bill Cosby have also played in Millett Hall. You can check out the beautiful indoor arena below!

Millett Hall – Miami University

The ‘Field Hockey Complex’ at the university where Noortje can often be found also looks great. It is a beautiful hockey field with seating for 400 spectators. According to the university, it is one of the most beautiful facilities in the country, which makes it not suprising that the MAC Tournament has already been held here 5 times! Besides a nice field, the players also use a ‘real’ American dressing room. You can see it in the photo below. Crazy right?!

Field Hockey Facility- Miami University

Besides the above facilities, there is much more to be found at the university. If you want to see more of the athletic facilities you can take a look at this page.

Want to see more of the campus in general? Then watch the video with a campus tour below, it looks awesome!

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The Miami University teams are part of NCAA Division I, the highest tier within the NCAA. Except for one team, all teams play in the MAC, that also applies to Noortje and Mirte. Only the ice hockey team plays within another conference, the NCHC. As mentioned earlier, the student-athletes at Miami University are called the ‘Redhawks’. The Redhawks consist of a total of 16 different teams, of which 9 are women’s and 7 men’s sports.

Like other universities, Miami University also has its own mascot, none other than ‘Swoop the Redhawk’. Swoop ensures that the atmosphere is optimal during matches, partly made possible by the fight song that is sung. You can spot the lyrics of the fight song, and Swoop below!

Swoop the Redhawk – Mascot of Miami University

Love and honor to Miami
Our college old and grand,
Proudly we shall ever hail thee,
Over all the land

Alma mater now we praise thee,
Sing joyfully this lay,
Love and honor to Miami,
Forever and a day.


According to the US News College Rankings, Miami University is one of the top 100 universities in America. The university even meets the requirements to be referred to as ‘Public Ivy’. This means that the university meets an ‘IVY League experience’, but by the pricing of a public university.

The 5 most popular studies at Miami University are:

  • Business / Management / Marketing
  • Social sciences
  • Communication / Journalism
  • Health Professions
  • Education

Curious about all studies that UO offers at bachelor’s and master’s level? That is because there are very many! There is a good chance that your desired training is also among them. Check it out on the academic website.

Did you know that…

  • there are a total of 19,933 students studying at Miami University?
  • 45% of students live on campus? Sounds fun!
  • Miami University is one of the four American universities where both an American president and a Super Bowl winner graduated? That’s Benjamin Harrison and Ben Roethlisberger.
  • Former President of South Korea, Chung Un-chan, got his master’s degree at Miami University?
  • the COO of Instagram, Marne Levine, also graduated from Miami University?
  • you look just as awesome as the students below when you receive your diploma at Miami University?!
Graduation Day – Miami University

So whether you want to become a professional athlete, president, COO of a global company or something completely different? Miami University has got it all!

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