This month we take a look at a very special school. We will ignore the American universities and colleges for a moment and zoom in on a Scottish university this time; University of Stirling, one of our partners in Europe. Here too you can combine study and sport at a high level. Would you like to know everything about this Europapa edition of University Spotlight? Then read on!

The Campus

The University of Stirling campus is located in a truly beautiful, vast nature reserve. For that reason, it is often regarded as one of Britain’s most beautiful university campuses. The site is surrounded by beautiful nature. There is an abundance of lakes, forests and historic buildings. As a result, the Stirling campus offers a peaceful and inspiring environment for students. The facilities on campus are excellent with all kinds of modern sports facilities. Very recently, twenty million was invested in this to modernize.

Stirling is close to the major Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. In Glasgow you are in the culture, architecture, design and sports city of Scotland. So there is plenty to experience. You can visit historical museums or buildings. But if you have time, you should definitely buy a ticket for The Old Firm, one of the most legendary football derbies in the world. This is between Celtic and Rangers FC.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. There you can also visit many historic buildings, such as Edinburgh Castle, and impressive museums. For culture lovers, Scotland is one of the most beautiful locations to live.

By the way, did you know that the University of Stirling has an Olympic swimming pool? They also have a high performance program there that is based on the national swimming academy. Duncan Scott also went to school in Stirling. He won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Maybe you will follow Scott or our own star Nyls Korstanje and one day you will be at the Olympic Games to shine in the swimming pool?!


The University of Stirling offers an incredible number of sports, no less than 57!! Just about any student-athlete could go there. The university has been named the best sports university in Scotland by the Scottish government. Partly because of this, they also have the official status of University for Sporting Excellence.

The biggest, best-known sports that you can do in Stirling are golf, football, hockey, athletics, swimming, tennis and rugby. The golf program is even the best in the entire United Kingdom. There will also be an indoor golf course at the university in 2025. Several golfers also participated in The Open, one of the largest international golf tournaments of the year. Stirling has also produced a few tennis players who have competed in Wimbledon. But there are also several tennis players who participate on the ITF tour and ATP/WTA tour. To top it all off, Stirling has seen 24 of its own student-athletes qualify for the Olympics over the years.

The university’s sports complex can accommodate thousands of spectators, who can cheer on their fellow students during the various competitions. Many teams compete or even win national titles and championships on a regular basis. Stirling also participates in international championships, such as the European Universities Games and Championships.


There are many different courses of study you can take at the University of Stirling. The school typically offers four-year degree programs, which allow students to earn their bachelor’s degree. The most popular studies are:

  • Business
  • Psychology
  • Sports studies
  • English Literature

The school was founded in 1967 and has attracted many international students due to its strong reputation. Several Slamstox athletes have also left for Stirling in recent years. One of them is Luc Hermsen, who is part of the men’s field hockey team here. Many more Slamstox toppers will follow in the coming years. Perhaps you are one of the future Stirling athletes in any sport!

Hopefully you have now learned a lot from this Scottish university, where you can study at a high level in combination with sports. Would you like to know more about our European options or American universities? Please contact us quickly and we will be happy to help you!