Slamstox-athlete Lucas van Klaveren is doing great, all the way in Texas! That is why Lucas and UTA definitely deserve a spot in this week’s University Spotlight.

From an early age, Lucas has been fanatically involved in athletics. Coming from a real athletic family Lucas was gifted with a natural talent. Which shows: after Lucas became Dutch champion in February 2018, he left for UTA to join the UTA Mavericks.

Lucas’ strength lies in many areas, but his specialty is heptathlon. This year, he won his first heptathlon title with no less than 5,179 points! With this Lucas didn’t just win the title, but also a place in ‘The Hall of Fame’ of UTA. Lucas achieved the third highest score in the history of UTA. What a champ!

Both academically and athletically, UTA is an interesting school for many Slamstox-athletes, but what does Lucas like best about UTA?

“What I like best about UTA are the coaches and staff. They will do a lot to make the transition easier for you and they are always willing to help you where you need it.”

 Lucas van Klaveren

Every American University is, like every student athlete, unique. This is why it is important to get a good feeling with your future University. Read more about UTA and the Mavericks below!

The campus

With more than 100 buildings on the campus (some of which are more than a hundred years old) UTA is a special University with its own character. Students come from every state and over 100 countries worldwide, which makes UTA one of the most culturally diverse universities in America. Curious about UTA’s campus? Check the virtual campus tour!

But UTA’s location, a 25-minute drive from Dallas and a 20-minute drive from Fort Worth, also makes it special.

Dallas: the gateway to Texas and the Grand Canyon. The Dallas skyline is beautiful, with the ‘The Reunion Tower’ as most special building. With a height of about 171 meters, it is a well-known landmark from which you have a beautiful view over the city. Downtown Dallas is the center of the city where you’ll find the most interesting spots of the city.

Fort Worth is often seen as Dallas’ ‘little sister’, but with more than 9 million visitors a year it’s a pretty busy little sister! Fort Worth is known for its historical part: there you’ll get to know the real Texas. When you walk through the historical center it seems like you have entered a little cowboy town. It’s also a good place to go shopping, have drinks and chill: the oasis-like ‘Water Garden’ is the perfect spot for this!


UTA is a member of the NCAA and plays at the highest level: the NCAA Division 1. All teams play in the Sun Belt conference (SBC). The UTA colors are blue, white and orange. Blaze, UTA’s mascot who has been part of the university since 2007, is present at many competitions. He uses enthusiasm and a lot of energy to ensure the school spirit during sport and school events.

Movin’ Mavs

It might not surprise you, but basketball is an important college sport at UTA; home games are being played in the College Park Center. The Movin’ Mavs, the male wheelchair basketball team, have won the NWBA championship for 8 times already! A great achievement that UTA is known for. The female Movin ‘Mavs started in 2013 and won their first NWBA championship in 2016. The players of both the male and female teams are invited to play for America at the Paralympic Games. Let’s go Movin ‘Mavs!

UTA’s competitor

Texas State University, also known as the Bobcats, are without a doubt UTA’s biggest rival. Since 1987, the two universities have competed in almost all athletic sports. Head to head, the Bobcats currently lead in baseball and women’s basketball, whereas the Mavericks in volleyball, men’s basketball, softball, and soccer.


Of course studying is quite important as well! UTA’s five most popular studies are:

  • Health professions
  • Business, Management & Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Biological and Biomedical sciences
  • Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities

According to the US News College Rankings, UTA ranks #20 in the National Ranking for ‘Social mobility’. This means that the University creates opportunities for students with less financial opportunities. This ranking is not only based on created opportunities, but also on the percentage of this group ending with a diploma. Go UTA!

On average, the student-faculty ratio is 24:1, which means that there’s one teacher vs. 24 students. In addition, nearly 35% of all classes are taught with fewer than 20 students in class.

Wondering if your field of study (major) is also offered at UTA? Have a look at the academic website!


UTA has nice annual traditions, some special ones are described below. This way you know what to expect when leaving for UTA 😉


The ‘Oozeball’ mud volleyball tournament: according to students the favorite tradition within UTA!

Oozeball has now become a sport of its own, a game of volleyball in the mud! Since 1989, the event has been organized every autumn on the UTA Campus. Teams of students, teachers, staff and alumni compete against each other in a layer of mud. Always wanted to push a classmate in the mud? Oozeball offers the chance!

Bed races

Just when you think it can’t get any crazier…. It can! UTA has another special tradition: the bed races.

Teams of students pushing wheeled beds along the turf of the stadium. That is exactly what you’ll see at the annual bed races! The campus started this in 1980 to celebrate the opening of the Maverick Stadium. The team with the best time wins, but there are also prices awarded for ‘Best dressed’ and ‘Most spirited’ team.

Hereford’s Holy Head

According to UTA’s legends, students score better at tests by touching the head of EH Hereford’s (former dean of North Texas) statue before. His statue is on the first floor of the University Center. All the rubbing has even brightened the forehead of Hereford’s statue! So, important test ahead? Don’t forget about Hereford!

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