For this week’s University Spotlight, we’re heading to Norfolk, Virginia. This is where you will find the state university of Virginia: Old Dominion University! And with this beautiful university in Norfolk two of our student-athletes are involved. 

Loes van Loon was part of the Monarchs in 2019, she studied for a Master’s degree and was part of the female soccer team. Loes has been in the spotlight before. Curious about the article? Check it out here! In this article Loes gives the reason why she chose for Old Dominion:

“I chose ODU because I immediately felt a connection with the coaches when I had contact with them. In addition, everything on campus is within walking distance, so I can easily get everywhere. And it is in a beautiful area, with all kinds of beaches close by. Including Virginia Beach, only 25 minutes drive. ”

Loes van Loon – Slamstox Student-Athlete

Slamstox-athlete Marlon de Bruijne is an upcoming Monarch! Marlon is currently playing field hockey in the A1 at HC Tilburg, but at the beginning of 2021 she will leave for Old Dominion to start her career as a student-athlete. The field hockey player went through the process to become a student athlete together with our field hockey specialist Kim. This way Marlon discovered that ODU is the best choice for her.

“I chose USD because the first time I spoke to the coaches and the team, it immediately felt like a family. Everyone is so nice!”

Marlon de Bruijne – Slamstox Student-Athlete

The photo underneath was made by ODU. Seems that they are looking forward to meet you as well, Marlon!

Want to know more about ODU? Keep reading!

‘Old Dominion’, a special name for a university! The name refers to the nickname for the state of Virginia. The university was founded in 1930, then as the ‘Norfolk Division’ of the ‘College of William & Mary’ of Williamsburg. In 1962 the school became independent under its current name. Nowadays the university offers space for 24,000 students every year, with many different courses and directions!

As mentioned earlier by Loes, the university is located in a beautiful environment. Because who can say that it Virginia Beach is only 25 minutes away? Marlon and Loes! But we think Norfolk itself looks impressive as well. The city has about 250,000 inhabitants and is part of the ‘Hampton Roads’. The city mainly owes its impressive looks to its location on the Elizabeth River.

Beautiful facilities can be found on campus, especially the sports stadiums are impressive to see. They serve as the home base for the student athletes, the Monarchs! The largest stadium in the university is Kornblau Field @ SB Ballard Stadium. The stadium was completely renovated in 2019, the stadium now offers seating for almost 22,000 spectators! You can see a photo of the stadium below.

Chartway Arena, home to basketball players, is also a beautiful stadium on campus. 8600 spectators together can cheer for the basketball-playing Monarchs! In the picture below you can see what a full Arena looks like. You would almost think that you are looking at the stadium of a team playing in the NBA…. No guys, this is college!

In addition to enormous stages, the university also has its own sailing center! Cool right? Here students are trained in sailing, but also their own classrooms and meeting rooms can be found here. Old Dominion’s sailing center is often used for National Championships! 

Besides the facilities mentioned above, the campus also has a beautiful baseball complex (2500 seats), a beautiful football complex, an indoor and outdoor tenniscomplex, a mega-cool gym and a beautiful golf course. And actually there is a lot more .. So do you want more? Check out this virtual campus tour!

The university’s sports teams are called the Monarchs. A distinction is often made between the men’s and women’s teams by calling the female student athletes the Lady Monarchs. In total there are 18 varsity teams, of which 10 are female and 8 are male. Sports that weren’t common in the previous spotlights are sailing and rowing, are big college sports at Old Dominion! Rowing is only practiced by the Lady Monarchs.

All Monarch teams play in NCAA Division 1, most of them in the USA Conference. But, for example, the field hockey team that Marlon will be part of plays in the Big East Conference. ODU’s typical university colors are blue, silver and light blue. The loyal mascot that is present at almost all competitions is called ‘Big Blue’.

In total, the ODU teams won no less than 10 NCAA Championships! A great achievement. In all cases it was the ladies who managed to win the league title: once by the basketball team, and 9 times by the Field Hockey Team… Sounds good, Marlon. You go girls!

As mentioned earlier, the Old Dominion Football Stadium is the largest stadiumon campus. Watch this video that shows how an American Football match at ODU is kicked off!

Like many other universities, Old Dominion also has its own Fight Song that is sung (or shouted) by fans during the matches:

Fight, Old Dominion,

Your courage roars!
Fight, Old Dominion,
Your valor soars!

Blue and Silver worn with pride,
We’ve got the Spirit right here on our side!

Hail, Old Dominion,
Your courage roars!
Hail, Old Dominion,
Your valor soars!

Old Dominion

Our Victory Lives on in YOU!

Can you imagine being sung to by thousands of fans? Life of a student athlete! Watch this video how the orchestra plays the melody of the Fight Song.

You probably guessed so… Just like any other American university, there are all kinds of different programs on offer. In total there are about 150 different programs to follow on campus, online even more. These 150 on-campus programs consist of 91 bachelor’s programs, 41 master’s programs, 22 ‘doctoral degrees’ and 2 specialist programs. Fun fact: the study program for vet is an important part of the university! Old Dominion is even known as one of the best in the USA!

But not only good vets are trained at ODU, below we have listed a number of well-known alumni: 
– Michael J. Bloomfield: astronaut on various space shuttle missions
– Cal Bowdler, former professional basketball player in the NBA 
– Tom DiCilo, film director 
– Deborah Shelton, actress and Miss USA in 1970 
– Jodi Rell, governor of Conneticut 

So whether you want to become an astronaut, professional basketball player or film director … Old Dominion has got it all!

Would you like to study at Old Dominion University, just like Loes and Marlon? Or would you like more information about your options within an adventure as student athlete? Reach out!