The college field hockey season of 2023 is well underway! This season marks a fresh start for many college hockey teams. New coaches are being introduced, experienced players are returning to lead their teams, and a lot of new talented players are arriving more enthusiastic than ever to win matches. In this article, we have highlighted some female hockey players who are already making a significant impact on their teams. We are extremely proud of all our hockey girls, and this time we want to put five of our girls in the spotlight. These girls have already left their mark on the season, and we expect to see much more from them! Are you curious to know who these girls are? Keep reading to find out!

1. Dionne van Aalsum

University: Iowa University
Division/conference: Division I – BIG10 conference

Dionne has made a significant impact in the American college hockey world since she flew over to Iowa this summer to play and study at Iowa University. Iowa competes in the BIG10 conference, which is currently the best conference in America! Dionne, hailing from Hurley U18-1/Women’s 1, has already left her mark. She has been named the best player of the week in D1 twice, the best attacker in the BIG10 conference twice, and the best freshman in the BIG10 conference three times.

In the past nine matches, Dionne has scored an impressive total of 21 goals! To illustrate the extent of her impact, Iowa has scored a total of 41 goals so far, meaning that Dionne has scored more than half of the team’s goals.

2. Fleur Knopert

University: Ball State University
Division/Conference: Division I – MAC conference

Fleur made the transition to America last summer and immediately played a significant role within her team, Ball State. She was in the starting lineup for every game, and it was well-deserved, as Fleur became the top scorer for her team with nine goals. Fleur stood out, and by the end of her first season, she was selected for “The First Team All-Mid-American Conference,” a team comprising the best eleven players in the conference. This year, she continues to play a crucial role in the team. With more experience under her belt, Fleur will also need to lead her team to achieve their goal: qualifying for the NCAA tournament!

3. Lindsay Lee

University: University of New Hampshire
Division/conference: Division I – CAA

Lindsay, a former player of Oranje-Rood, made the transition to America four years ago to play hockey at The University of New Hampshire. Over the past few years, Lindsay has evolved into a true leader within her team. This year, her leadership was recognized with the appointment as captain, a significant honor that carries a lot of responsibility in America!

Looking purely at the statistics, Lindsay has performed exceptionally well. In her freshman and sophomore years, she provided the most assists on her entire team. What’s even more exciting is that this year, Lindsay can provide extra support to our own Slamstox freshman, Louette, who is new to the University of New Hampshire team.

4. Anne Fleur Moerkerken

University: Mount Olive University
Division/conference: Division II – SACC

Anne Fleur is a midfielder at Mount Olive University, now entering her junior year. Over the first two years, Anne Fleur has already made a significant impression in America, and we expect that the next two years will be no different. She has already proven to be successful both as a hockey player and as a student. As a student, she has completed all her courses so far magna cum laude, an achievement where she earned a grade of 9 or higher in all her courses! In addition, she has been selected for “The First Team All-Conference SACC” and “Second-Team All-American.” These accomplishments demonstrate that Anne Fleur is the perfect example of a student-athlete!

5. Jikke Biemans 

University: Marian University
Division/conference: Division III – SAA

Jikke is a true goal scorer who can make the difference for her team at Marian University during crucial moments. She has been selected for the “All-SAA First Team,” which consists of the top players in the conference, a remarkable achievement! Last season, she scored an impressive thirteen goals, a performance matched only by two other players in her conference.

In addition, Jikke is also a true leader. She was named team captain in her first year! She has been guiding her team during matches and serves as a bridge between the team and the coaches. This year, Jikke continues to be a key player, and we look forward to seeing what else she will achieve.

Of course, there are many more Slamstox hockey players who are doing fantastic in America, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on them in the coming weeks. We are extremely proud of all our girls and look forward to seeing them shine on the hockey fields. Keep a close watch on our social media channels because we’ll be sharing many more achievements and top performers with you.

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