We recently introduced you to the best 20 Dutch college tennis players of the moment, today we have listed the 20 best Dutch female college tennis players for you. Because also more and more Dutch female tennis players choose to go to America to continue their studies and tennis career here. The best combination between training with top facilities, obtaining an international diploma and being able to develop yourself optimally.

Danielle Collins reached the final at the Australian Open early this year, but played college tennis for the University of Virginia a few years ago. In the meantime, the American has achieved a place in the final at a Grand Slam and is in the top #15 on the WTA ranking.

Curious which talented and hardworking girls are in the list, read on.

20. Anoek Pruijmboom

Anoek Pruijmboom – Saint Francis University Pennsylvania

UTR: 8.02
University: Saint Francis University Pennsylvania
Division/ conference: Division I, Northeast Conference

After completing her VWO, Anoek left for Pennsylvania in the summer of 2021. As a freshman, she is off to a good start so far this season. Of her 15 singles matches this season, she won no less than 11!

Fun fact, Anoek became teammates at Saint Francis University with Dominique Yeo, the Dutchman left for America a year earlier. This season, the two have also played several doubles matches together.

19. Floor Lissone

Floor Lissone – Saint Bonaventure University

UTR: 8.12
University: Saint Bonaventure University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Atlantic 10 Conference

Floor only left for America in January of this year, but has already proven her value in the team. The Dutch did not lose a single match of her last five doubles and six singles, and she also managed to win all singles matches in two sets and with clear figures. Keep up the good work Floor!

Floor is only at the beginning of her American adventure, so we are confident that Floor will only get better in the coming years.

18. Gabriëlle Dekkers

Gabriëlle Dekkers – Utah State University

UTR: 8.44
University: Utah State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Mountain West Conference

Gabriëlle is now a senior at Utah State University, having already won eleven singles games this season. Over the past four years, he has become a permanent fixture within the team. In addition, the Dutch was named USU Whitesides Scholar-Athlete in each of the past three seasons.

Extra fun, since this summer Gabrielle’s sister Florentine is also active in America as a college tennis player. Sounds like a real tennis family.

17. Nika Beukers

Nika Beukers – Portland State University

UTR: 8.47
University: Portland State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Big Sky Conference

Nika won no fewer than 24 national tournaments before moving to America last summer. She started well in her first season, has already won six singles matches and ten doubles this season. A dream.

For the time being, Nika still has enough years ahead of him to grow further, so more to come…!

16. Coco Bosman

Coco Bosman – University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

UTR: 8.51
University: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Division/ Conference: Division I, Southern Conference

Like many of the girls in this list, Coco left for America just last summer. She has immediately won her place in the tennis team, of the twelve doubles matches she has played so far, she, together with her regular doubles partner Emma van Hee, only lost three. Coco is also doing well in the singles, she has already won seven matches this season. Most also in straight sets, go Coco!

With a UTR 8.51 Coco is currently in 16th place in our list, but with an entire American tennis career ahead, we are confident that we will hear a lot more from this Dutchman in the upcoming years.

15. Marit Kreugel

Marit Kreugel – Murray State University

UTR: 8.57
University: Murray State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Ohio Valley Conference

Marit is currently a junior on the Murray State University tennis team. In the doubles Marit only lost one match this season, against seven wins in doubles. In the singles she also won the majority of her matches. Marit has now become a fixed value within her team. After this season, Marit will start her senior year and she will still have some time to keep going. Let’s go Marit!

14. Tess Menten

Tess Menten – Stetson University

UTR: 8.57
University: Stetson University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Atlantic Sun Conference

Tess Menten started her American adventure at San Jose State University, but decided to make a transfer after her freshman year. Because of this, she currently plays as a sophomore at Stetson University. Tess has started the season well, she has not lost a match in both the doubles and singles. Well done Tess!

As a sophomore, Tess still has a few more years of tennis in America ahead of her, but right now she can be proud of a place in our top 20 list.

13. Minchae Kim

Minchae Kim – Rutgers University

UTR: 8.61
University: Rutgers University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Big Ten

Minchae is only a freshman and is already on this list, but that is not for nothing. Before she left for America, she was already very active on the ITF Junior Tour, in 2019 she even won the tournament in Almere.

In America she is experiencing a dream start, till today she has lost only one doubles match of the 10 doubles she played. In the singles she also won no less than seven of her first 10 competition matches, wow! Minchae is only at the beginning of her American tennis career, so more to come…!

12. Joyce Nouws

Joyce Nouws – Keiser University

UTR: 8.69
University: Keiser University
Division/ Conference: Division NAIA, Sun Conference

Maybe the name Nouws sounds familiar to you? Joyce’s brother is one of the top 20 male tennis players at the moment. And extra fun, both play for Keizer University. Joyce is now in her third year on the tennis team. She has only lost one of her 12 games this season.

And that’s not all, the Dutch woman is also part of the university’s football team. If that’s not sporty, we don’t know what is.

11. Margriet Timmermans

Margiet Timmermans – University of South Florida

UTR: 8.72
University: University of South Florida
Division/ Conference: Division I, American Athletic Conference

Even before her departure to America, Margiet already obtained her first point on the WTA tour, say what?! Super good looking. Last year, in her sophomore season for the South Florida Bulls, Margiet played all games and recorded some good wins and a six-matches winning streak.

As a sophomore, Margriet has already achieved very good results during her time in Florida, but we are confident that she will only achieve better performances in the coming years.

10. Sherine Salem

Sherine Salem – Jackson State University

UTR: 8.76
University: Jackson State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Southwestern Athletic Conference

Sherine played the first two years of her American tennis career for Tarleton State University. After this, she decided to make a transfer and left for the tennis team of Jackson State University. She is now in her third season here.

Her UTR proves that the Dutch are doing well, in one year she improved her UTR by almost a whole point from 7.86 to 8.76. Sherine is currently pursuing her master’s degree and has a few months to go in America.

9. Sophie Wagemaker

Sophie Wagemaker – Georgia Southern University

UTR: 9.02
University: Georgia Southern University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Southern Conference

Sophie is not a stranger to tennis, her mother Denisa Silvanova was a professional tennis player for Slovakia and her brother you saw in the list of best male Dutch college tennis players of the moment, but with a UTR 9.02 Sophie proves that she can also hit a nice ball.

Sophie’s performance in her first season was awarded a Sun Belt Conference Academic Honor Roll and All-Sun Belt Conference Doubles First Team. And that while Sophie has only just started, she still has more than enough time to develop herself further in America.

8. Ank Vullings

Ank Vullings – University of New Orleans

UTR: 9.06
University: University of New Orleans
Division/ Conference: Division I, Sun Belt Conference

Ank left for America in the summer of 2017 to play for the tennis team of the University of New Orleans. But because of the pandemic, she’s still only a junior and still has a few years ahead of her as a student-athlete.

Ank started the 2020-2021 season with a 6-0 record in singles, which eventually resulted in a 12-3 record at the end of the season.

7. Noesjka Brink

Noesjka Brink – University of Wyoming

UTR: 9.25
University: University of Wyoming
Division/ Conference: Division I, Mountain West Conference

Nushka is currently a sophomore at the University of Wyoming. In her first year, she hit a 12-4 singles record and won eight of her last ten games. Her good season was crowned by the end of April when she was named Mountain West’s Female Tennis Athlete of the Week.

In the meantime, Noesjka has a career record of 17-8 in singles and 10-6 in doubles and we believe that there are certainly many more wins to come.

6. Laura Rijkers

Laura Rijkers – University of Arkansas

UTR: 9.32
University: University of Arkansas
Division/ Conference: Division I, Southeastern Conference

Laura is currently in her fourth year in America. As a senior she has now become an important value within the team. Laura got off to a rock-solid start in the 2020-2021 season, winning all of her first eight games. In addition, she achieved some important points for her team during the season.

Laura is no stranger to Slamstox. In 2020 we recorded a ”cathing up with…” with Laura, check the video here. In addition, she did an internship at Slamstox for two months last summer, to help other tennis players with their American adventure.

5. Shura Poppe

Shura Poppe – University of Tulsa

UTR: 9.53
University: University of Tulsa
Division/ Conference: Division I, Conference USA

Shura is currently a Senior at the University of Tulsa. In her first three seasons, she achieved a record of 46-26 in singles and 31-25 in doubles. Shura is off to a good start this season as well, having won two singles so far and three doubles. That bodes well for the rest of the season.

With a UTR of 9.53, she has earned a nice, deserved spot in our top 20. Go Shura!

4. Elysia Pool

Elysia Pool – University of Mississippi

UTR: 9.60
University: University of Mississippi
Division/ Conference: Division I, Southeastern Conference

When Elysia left for America in the summer of 2020, the Dutch was both national champion in the singles and doubles. She is now in her second year as a freshman and has not lost a single match in the doubles so far this season, in spring season. She also lost only one match in the single.

Due to the pandemic, her stay in America has been extended by one year in any case, for now she is at least in fourth place in this list with a UTR of 9.60.

3. Florentine Dekkers

Florentine Dekkers – Kansas State University

UTR: 9.70
University: Kansas State University
Division/ Conference: Division I, Big 12 Conference

Florentine has been active in America since this summer, traveling behind her sister, Gabrielle, who you already met earlier in this list. Before the Dutchman left for America, she already regularly played ITF Juniors tournaments, with success, in January 2021 she achieved place #254 on the international ranking, her highest position ever. In 2019 she even won the J5 tournament in Dijon.

Florentine has only lost one singles match since coming to Kansas and has already racked up several points for her team in both the singles and doubles. Nice work Florentine! And the fact that she’s only in her freshman year can only mean that we will hear a lot more from her in the years to come. For now she is in any case in a nice third place in our top 20.

2. Bente Spee

Bente Spee – University of Florida

UTR: 9.70
University: University of Florida
Division/ Conference: Division I, Southeastern Conference

Bente won her first points on the WTA tour before her departure to America. And while she only left for America last summer, she is already one of the best Dutch college tennis players of the moment. As a Freshman, the Dutchman is already gaining momentum this season, she only lost three games and won no less than eleven, in both doubles and singles.

That Bente is not only good at singles, she proved this year together with her doubles partner Alicia Dudeney, with a record of 12-1 they are in place #18 of the best college tennis doubles of the moment. Nice job Bente!

1. Daevenia Achong

Daevenia Achong – University of Miami

UTR: 10.35
University: University of Miami
Division/ Conference: Division I, Atlantic Coast Conference

Just like last year, Daevenia can again call herself the best Dutch college tennis player this year. Compared to last year, her UTR has even improved considerably, well done Daevenia! Moreover, the Dutch is in place #59 of the best college tennis players of the moment, her highest ranking ever. May she call herself the best player on the team. And that while she is still ‘only’ junior, so more to come..

She has only lost one set in singles this season. Of all five matches Daevenia played this season, she won four in straight sets and the fifth game was won in three sets. So a real champion!

What tennis talents, twenty great tennis players. All of whom have had great performances in America. Do you also want to become a student athlete, just like these 20 top athletes? Reach out! Then we will look together at your options and which university suits you best.