The college tennis season is about to start or has already started for many universities. That also means that many of our own tennis players will give everything to compete for the prizes in the coming months. Last summer, but also in recent weeks, more tennis players left for America to start their college adventure. All boys and girls who are at the start of their first ‘real’ season.

In this article we have highlighted a number of these newcomers, ‘rookies’ who we think can surprise everyone next season.

After some have already been able to warm up last fall, it is now time for the real work. We have full confidence in our athletes and are sure they will shine. In this article we introduce you to five (or actually six) of these talents. Want to know who they are and where they play? Then read on quickly.

Sophie Schouten – University of Houston

Sophie Schouten

UTR: 9.12
University: University of Houston
Division/ Conference: NCAA I, American Athletic Conference

After years of playing tennis at the Amjoy Tennis Academy, Sophie was more than ready to make a transfer to America last summer.

Sophie has been able to use last fall semester to get used to the level and all the other conditions in the States. Now, half a year later, she has spent a lot of time on the tennis court training with her new team, she is ready to compete for victories with her new team.

Extra fun, Sophie will play her first game of the season tonight against the Texas A&M tennis team! Go Sophie! Go Cougars!

Maikel de Boes – Northern Arizona University

Maikel de Boes

UTR: 12.15
University: Northern Arizona University
Division/Conference: NCAA I, Big Sky Conference

Maikel had no problem getting used to the college tennis environment, he immediately proved this fall semester. With a number of ATP points gained, he left for Arizona to join the tennis team as a freshman.

In the meantime, the Belgian has already played twelve matches in the singles, winning no less than ten times. He even won the ITA Division I Men’s Mountain Regional Championships in the C category. In doubles, he and his doubles partners also managed to win seven matches.

Actually, Maikel was supposed to play his first game of the team season yesterday, but the game between Northern Arizona and Bryant was canceled due to weather conditions. Now, Maikel hopes to play his first match for his University this Saturday.

Cian Mikkelsen

Cian Mikkelsen – Harding University

UTR: 10.75
University: Harding University
Division/Conference: NCAA II, Great American Conference

Cian has been in America for less than two weeks, but is still in our list. He left for the States on January 7. In the last weeks of his preparation in the Netherlands, he took a nice second place in the doubles at the Dutch National Championship under 18. That is why we are confident that he will be able to surprise in the upcoming season.

Cian has to wait a little longer before he can play his first game, on February 2 Harding will play their first game against Hendrix College. So, enough time for Cian to get to know his new teammates a little better.

Lena Beckx – University of Idaho

Lena Beckx

UTR: 8.30
University: University of Idaho
Division/Conference: NCAA I, Big Sky Conference

In her first semester in Idaho, Lena immediately managed to record a few nice victories against better opponents, she played a few exciting games and, above all, she made an enormous amount of training hours. In the doubles she even managed to record a spot in the final during one of the tournaments.

Like Cian, Lena also has to wait a little longer before she can play her first game of the season, on February 2, her university will face the Air force Academy.

Mike and Quinn Groenendijk

Mike Groenendijk – Lee University

UTR Mike: 10.74
UTR Quinn: 10.84
University: Lee University
Division/Conference: NCAA II, Gulf South Conference

The Groenendijk brothers are the last ones we would like to introduce to you to keep an eye on in the near future. They left for America together last summer and also to the same university. Mike as a master’s student and Quinn as a freshman.

In recent months, both boys have trained extremely hard and have played several great matches against strong opponents at various major tournaments.

Mike already played sixteen official matches in the singles last fall, and also five in the doubles. He was regularly involved in an exciting three setter (against better opponents).

Quinn Groenendijk – Lee University

Quinn has developed into a real doubles specialist in recent months. He even won the ITA Division II Men’s & Women’s South Regional Championships in the C category with his Portuguese doubles partner.

Mike and Quinn still have to wait for their first game of the semester. On February 4, Lee University plays its first game against Milligan University.

Of course, these are not the only tennis players who will be back in action in the coming months, we are sure that all other tennis players will also achieve top performances. So keep a close eye on our socials to follow the performance of these six top players, but also all our other tennis players.

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