Compared to other countries, the financial picture for a Dutch student generally looks good. The loan system makes it possible to borrow money at 0% interest; students travel for free with student public transport; and tuition fees do not reach tens of thousands of euros per year. Yet life as a student in the Netherlands is by no means cheap.

The most recent student survey by Nibud shows that expenditure for students living away from home amounts to more than € 12,000 per year. This amount includes all monthly expenses, such as tuition, groceries, rent, study books, relaxation and sports, telephone and health insurance.

And what if you also want to practice your sport at a high level? Not only in terms of time, but also in terms of costs, this is virtually impossible for a large part of the population. In addition, as an athlete in the Netherlands you have to arrange all sports-related matters yourself, separate from the university. In America it works differently. First, the total annual costs for a normal student are much higher than in the Netherlands.

For example, the aforementioned expenses can amount to as much as $ 70,000 per year. That is why many Americans carry a student debt for years, or never even pay it back. But for athletes in America it works differently. The great sports culture in the United States means that a lot of money is spent in the American sports world – also in the arena of college sports.

That is why it is possible for (international) student athletes to receive sports grants that significantly reduce study costs. Student athletes also sometimes receive pocket money, which they can use for flights, food and extras. In total, these amounts amount to up to $ 85,000 per year.

One of the main goals of Slamstox in placing athletes in America is that the total annual study costs are less than what they would have to pay in the Netherlands. The average annual spend of our Slamstox student athletes is therefore only between $ 0- $ 15,000. That amount also includes all sports-related expenses such as travel, equipment, hotels, etc., which are all reimbursed by the university. It also happens that Dutch athletes exercise and study for free in America for four years!

Do you also want to combine your sport and study at an American university by means of scholarships? Reach out!