About 70 different universities can be found in the Netherlands, which sometimes makes it difficult to make a choice. But can you imagine studying in a country where more than 5000 universities can be found?! Then it becomes even more difficult to choose.

As a student-athlete in America, you have to make that choice. Because which of those 5000 different universities suits you best? Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that. But first this article that tells more about America’s different universities.

The difference between Dutch and American universities

One of the most important questions, because what makes American universities so different from Dutch universities? There’s a lot, but the biggest differences are:

The size
Big, bigger, biggest! That’s what America is known for, the burgers, the soda drinks, the parking garages: everything has to be big. That also applies to universities. One is of course bigger than the other, but in general they are all huge. Universities with 50,000 students every year! Crazy right?!

The sports experience
That’s a bummer, because that’s the reason many student-athletes go to America, but it really makes a difference. As many student-athletes indicate, you are sometimes seen as ‘different’ from the rest while being a professional athlete in the Netherlands, but in America you have a ‘special status’ as an athlete. And that’s really cool! All student-athletes on campus give everything for their sport, that gives a nice feeling and that way you lift each other to a higher level. The facilities at a university are also designed in such a way that they can optimally provide for every student-athlete.

The togetherness
As a student-athlete you represent the university and not a sports club. But at the same university you study, eat, do fun things and live with all your friends. You can imagine that a community is created in that way and it’s great to be a part of that. Hardworking athletes, diligent students and the most enthusiastic fans: everyone is part of the community and everyone supports each other in everything they do! Like in the photo below, where fans at Clemson University cheer on the student-athletes.

Clemson University – Student-athlete fan base

Of course there are even more differences to be discovered between universities in America and the Netherlands. For example, the weather brings changes and the American ‘cuisine’ is different than here. As an athlete, these differences are often also found in the sport you practice and in how the season is filled in for you. For example, check out this article about why college soccer is more fun than regular soccer, or this article that talks about why college golf is more fun than regular golf, or read more about the benefits of college field hockey.

The differences between ‘College’ and ‘University’

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘College’ and ‘University’ before. For example, there are many colleges in America, such as the College of William and Mary in Virginia, but there are also many universities in America, such as the University of Florida. But, uh, what’s the difference between the two?

The answer: there is little difference. Both are almost identical. In terms of academic differences, it doesn’t matter, because the top 10 best universities in America are both ‘colleges’ and ‘universities’. The difference lies in the organization of the school. In general, colleges are somewhat smaller than universities, which is why colleges do not always offer master’s programmes. A university always offers bachelor’s and master’s programs and therefore often has a larger number of students.

Junior and Community colleges

You may have heard the names ‘junior and/or community colleges’ before. There are also several of these in America and student-athletes often go here too. So worth an explanation!

A junior or community college is often seen as a stepping stone to a bachelor’s degree, because here you can obtain an ‘associate degree’. This allows you to continue on to a bachelor’s or master’s degree. These are two-year programs in which the focus is mainly on practical learning, often the costs of such colleges are lower. Most junior or community colleges participate in the sports league called the NJCAA.

NJCAA, NAIA, NCAA: The three biggest sports leagues in America. We can imagine that the differences are sometimes difficult to follow. The video below explains it!

The best American universities

Sometimes we get the question: what is the best American university? That is difficult to say, because just like in the Netherlands, it differs per major. Some universities are known for good economic studies and others for interesting physics studies, for example. There is also often a great difference between the level of bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

Slamstox works with a lot of data, rankings and databases to visualize the quality of certain courses. There are also many reliable annual rankings, such as the Princeton University Review, the US News College Ranking and the Forbes University Rankings. But beware, these lists are often subjective and do not always reflect what is relevant to you as a student.

Besides good universities, there are also a lot of beautiful universities in America. Fairytale-like buildings such as ‘Berry College’ in Georgia as can be seen in the photo below.

Berry College – Georgia

Would you also like to become a student-athlete at an American university that matches your academic requirements and level? We help you!

The academic level of a university

Before you start studying in America, you will have to make a choice in the Netherlands. Chances are you will go to a university where no one you know has studied before, since there is more than 5000 universities in the US. Of course you think it is important to get an idea of ​​the academic level of a university, and we help you with that. We have already placed a lot of student-athletes at many different universities.

In addition to the many ‘college rankings’ that we mentioned above (Princeton University Review, US News College Rankings and Forbes University Rankings), there are also other factors to look out for. The admission requirements are a good measure of the academic level of a university (average grade, scores on admission tests, co-curricular activities). We help you in your search for a university where you can get the most out of your studies and achieve your goals at your level.

From the Netherlands to the USA

Many student-athletes started their studies in the Netherlands and want to go to America later on. Often because they notice that the combination of sport/study is difficult here, or because they feel that they cannot get the most out of both. But can you start a study in the Netherlands and finish it at an American university? Yes, you can!

We often help Dutch students who decide during their studies in the Netherlands that they want to study in America. It is then obligated to convert your credits from the Netherlands into American credits, so that you can continue your studies in America.

It differs per situation, study and university whether you can move on immediately or have to catch up on a number of courses. Slamstox is happy to help you figure out your personal options.

Graduation Day

We hope that by now you have learned more about universities in America. Would you like to know more about a specific university? Check out our list of ‘University Spotlights’ in which we highlight many American universities!

Do you have another question? Then reach out to us quickly!