During the Dutch Youth Championships under 16 and under 18 in The Hague, Five future Slamstox student athletes played among the best eight national players of their age category. Slamstox was there to encourage them and to receive a number of coaches from America who were there to scout and meet Dutch tennis players.

In the boys under 16 category, Stijn Paardekooper made it to the quarter finals in which he lost to Brian Bozemoj. Daan van Dijk, who is, like Stijn, plans to combine tennis and study at the highest level in America from August 2020, reached the semi-final, in which he also lost against Bozemoj.

In the oldest age category, three of the eight quarter-finalists were future Slamstox student athletes! Both Jim Hendrikx and Jurriaan Bol ended in the quarter finals during their last tournament in the junior circuit. In the first half of 2020, Jim and Jurriaan will work hard to pass their final exams so that they can leave for America in August!

Fons van Sambeek reached the semi-finals, in which he lost in a titanic battle to Dutch champion Guy den Ouden. For Fons, the focus in the coming year will be on his tennis with the aim of being able to work for a top university in America from August 2021.

All five players have chosen to continue their tennis careers and studies in America. There they have the opportunity to train with and play against boys in the international top for four years via a sports scholarship, and thus develop optimally and at minimal cost as a player, student and person. Their goal is to be mentally and physically to enter the tour as a professional tennis player after graduating from university. Do you, like Stijn, Daan, Jim, Jurriaan and Fons, want to get the most out of yourself in tennis and study? Then contact Slamstox to discuss the possibilities!