Juniors, seniors en graduated student-athletes: attention please.. There is a good chance that you will be looking for a job now, or in the short term. As a student-athlete you have managed to get the most out of your student days, we have no doubt that you want to do the same in your working career. A good start is crucial and Slamstox’s free service ‘after college’ will help you with that! Let’s get started!

Slamstox has been guiding student-athletes for years now in finding the best scholarship in the US, a lot of customization in which we are, after years of experience, specialized in. We take that experience with us in this next step in the process: finding a nice workplace for student-athletes. After studying in America, it can be quite difficult to take this first step in the Netherlands, but as a student-athlete you have many qualities that are distinctive from others.

The strength of a student-athlete goes beyond sports. Not only do we see this, but also organizations that are looking for young talent. As a student-athlete you are an asset to companies. You have a top sports mentality and a nice university degree. You have built up an international network, you speak fluent English, you are a team player and you can deal with quit some pressure. Finally, student-athletes develop a number of important skills, called the ’21st Century Skills’.

These are skills you need to be successful in today’s business. We did research on how student-athletes in America score compared to student-athletes in the Netherlands. The outcome? Student-athletes score almost 15% better on average! Check it out in the chart below. Here you can start your own test.

Together we will look for answers to questions such as: what can do with my diploma? And what do I want to do? What do I find important in my job and employer? In short, how am I going to make sure that I become a future champ in my work? Based on these answers, we will link you to one of the great companies we work with. And did we mention that this service is free for all student-athletes in the Netherlands? Not just for Slamstox student-athletes, but for everyone. Yes, it is true: future champions start here!

Annamarie Sovic preceded you, she shares her after college experience in the video below.

So champ, what are you waiting for – Let’s get it started! Sign up here.