Slamstox joins hands with professional soccer club FC Eindhoven! As Slamstox, we are extremely proud of the collaboration with our fellow city club FC Eindhoven. This collaboration allows us to put the players’ needs first by combining the processes of a professional soccer and a social career.

At FC Eindhoven, education has a high priority. Head of Youth Training Pascal Maas: “We as FC Eindhoven are very happy with the cooperation with Slamstox. Study comes first, soccer comes second. The cooperation with Slamstox brings us a step forward in coaching our players. This is the perfect solution for players who leave FC Eindhoven, through this way we can help the players to a next step in their career by combining their studies with soccer in America.”

In the Netherlands, the combination of study and sport is very difficult, in America it is ideally combined because you come out for your school’s team. Some soccer players think that going to America means giving up their professional soccer career, but nothing could be further from the truth. The guidance and facilities are extremely professional and for many players a professional soccer career is still on the horizon. 

Slamstox player Wouter Verstraaten ended up in American Major League Soccer after his college soccer days with the Portland Timbers!

Soccer in America is not just for top soccer players. For every level of soccer player there is an opportunity in America. Are you curious what your possibilities are in America, please contact us!