When you are looking for a scholarship to compete in sports and studying in America, it is important to first check which division you want to play in. There are 8 different divisions you can play in, and the differences between the divisions at academic and athletic level are large. The largest and most famous “student-athlete” sports association for the universities in America is called the NCAA.


The NCAA is by far the largest and best-known college sports association in America. Within this organization, nearly 500,000 boys and girls play sports and study at more than 1,200 different universities. When people think of college sports, the NCAA usually comes first. The function of the NCAA is to maintain mutual competition within the various universities in favor of the educational program of the affiliated universities. In addition, the NCAA is the umbrella organization that universities can join to participate in their sports competitions. The NCAA also interferes with all incoming student athletes; everyone must be declared eligible to play in the NCAA which allows you to officially participate in the competition program of the universities.

There are 3 divisions within the NCAA: Division 1 (D1), Division 2 (D2) and Division 3 (D3). The main difference between D1-D2 schools and D3 schools is that D3 schools are NOT allowed to spend “athletic scholarships” to compete in sports and study for their school. However, it is permitted for a D3 school to issue “academic scholarships”. D1 and D2 schools can do both.

With over 300 universities, Division 1 is the most competitive and also the strictest division to be admitted to. In here are the best boys and girls coming out in different sports. Many competitions in D1 are broadcasted live on television, and the media pays a lot of attention to the biggest D1 sports such as basketball, American football and baseball. Not every ‘good athlete’ can just go to a Division 1 University. You have to be approved by the NCAA on both an academic and an athletic level. The NCAA wants every incoming student-athlete to be an amateur athlete and also a full-time student. For this they have drawn up very strict (and sometimes bizarre) rules that change every year. Slamstox keeps a close eye on these rules and can help and assist you in making the right choices. Do you want more information about this? Contact us for more information!

There are a number of things that you must provide if you want to study at a D1 school that is affiliated with the NCAA. A few examples are:

* Grade lists from the last 4 years in high school. Both in English and in the native language.

* High school diploma in both English and in the native language.

* SAT test scores

* Amateurism certificate. You must prove that you are an amateur athlete and not a professional.

* In addition, you must submit many questionnaires and statements before you can be declared eligible to play. Slamstox has designed a special step-by-step plan for this.

A number of well-known D1 schools are: University of Southern California, University of Vermont and University of Arkansas. In the past, Slamstox has helped several athletes find a place within these superpowers. For example, Laurens Verboven plays for the men’s tennis team at the University of Southern California and Laura Rijkers plays for the women’s tennis team at the University of Arkansas. Twins Peppe and Pleun Haantjes play for the field hockey team at University of Vermont. All team members of Slamstox have also played in the Division 1 competition for their sport and therefore have a lot of experience with the different universities.

Finding the right match for competing in sports and studying in America remains a difficult process. Slamstox can help you find the perfect match and the right division. Do you dream of a life as a “student-athlete” in America? Then contact us via info@slamstox.com