What are the athletic requirements for a scholarship in America?

Soccer in the United States - 14 December 2022

College soccer is divided into many different divisions, in which a total of more than 2,000 college teams play. As a result, the level of soccer between the divisions also varies greatly; from soccer players belonging to the top national youth teams to regional soccer players and the (best) amateur soccer players. There is a place for everyone. Via this link  you can find more information about all the differtent divisions in America.

Slamstox has already helped many different soccer players find a good scholarships. Such as Bob Groenendijk, who moved to California from PSV to join the Pacific Tigers, as well as Gianni Steijlen, who made the move to the Roadrunners of Metropolitan State from NWC Asten (2nd division).

College soccer - Slamstox

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