How does college soccer work?

Soccer in the United States - 14 December 2022

College Soccer is slightly different from the ‘normal’ soccer that you are used to in your own country: both in organization and in atmosphere. The biggest difference is that you don’t play for a club, but for your university.

On average, a team consists of 20-25 players who compete against other universities in the same league (conference). The ultimate goal? To qualify as a team for the national tournament of the year. Here the 48 best college teams in the country compete for the title.

College Soccer matches are 90 minutes just like you’re used to, divided into two 45-minute halves. However, there is a difference: instead of adding up to 90 minutes, in college soccer you go from minute 90 back to 0. In addition, it is possible to substitute as many as 11 times. This ensures that the pace remains tremendously high and it is a physically demanding battle.

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